Friday, December 19, 2008

sodas again?

The blogging has been a little slow this week. It's my job. . .If you people would stay out of the hospital during the holidays, it would sure make me less busy. . . : ) Seriously kidding. Everyone stay safe and healthy this holiday season!!

Snow days delayed the "what are you bringing to the school Christmas party" memo that we usually get. Instead, we got a note home on Tuesday asking us to note what we were bringing. I forgot to send it back on Wednesday, so we just went and bought Reese's Christmas trees to take. (I let Kyler pick out what he wanted to take.)

Today is the Christmas party. Last night after dark, on the way home, Kyler stated he might have told Mrs. Teacher-whom-we-love that he was bringing sodas. And she might have said that would be a good thing to bring. (Why do I always get the soda job?)

"Is anyone else bringing sodas," I asked.

"I dunno," he said.

I called the teacher. . .at home. I hate doing that. I feel like I'm intruding on her personal life. (Usually I call my friend who's a teacher, because she expects me to intrude. . .Big Shout Out to Paula!!!)

I repeated the above conversation to Kyler's teacher and she laughed. She said she had 2 other kids bringing sodas (so they say. . .) and we didn't need to unless we wanted to.

I sent the Reese's. Who knows what else they wind up with.

And now, I'm headed for a weekend away with my husband, who may or may not have almost cut his fingers off last night (more info later). . .I am SSSSOOOOOO ready for a stress-free holiday shopping excursion. (You're laughing at "stress-free," "holiday," and "shopping" in the same sentence, aren't you?)


Debbie said...

All of mine are past the Christmas party at school phase and I am not sad about that. Nope,not one bit.