Tuesday, December 23, 2008

now we know who really gets the credit

I can't stress too much the awesomeness and amazingness and irreplacability (I'm making up words because, um, I can. Can too!) of our current baby sitter. I do not worry about the kids when they are with her.

Kady woke up yesterday morning and played quietly in her room. (Let me read that sentence one more time. Ok. That so seldom happens. . .I just have to enjoy it a little bit more. Ok. I'm back.) Anyway, she eventually hears Momma up and runs into my room. She yells, "MOMMY!" and then, "DADDY!!" (Have I mentioned she is Little Miss Sunshine to everyone else's Grumpy Gus?)

Kady jumped up in the bed with Kevin. They started talking about going to the babysitter. Kady said she was going to play with "Sissy." Sissy is her bestest friend in the whole wide world--as much as anyone can be when you're only 27 months old!

Kev said, "What if Sissy's not there? What will you do then?"

Kady said,"Eat."

Kevin said, "But what if Sissy's not there and Mrs. Bestest-Babysitter-in-the-Whole-World-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless ran out of food and doesn't have any?"(OK, you got me. That's not really what he called her. . .)

Kady said, "NO WAY!"

Now you know who gets the credit for the "They ALLWAYS feed me" story. . .