Monday, December 22, 2008

the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

My actual post has nothing to do with the above title. It was just the first trio I could think of, but let's see if we can tie it together, shall we?

My husband would be the lion in this story. I went to his place this weekend. I saw the damage to his fingers. He will live. It is gross. (It's more of a "chopping" than a "slicing.") That's about all he gave me permission to tell. Moving on.

I did all the Christmas shopping while he was working on Saturday. So much for together time, right? He made it home, checked out the presents, and promptly told me he'd been laid off. (We think he will get a job relatively quickly. That's how this business works. It doesn't make the husband and his stress level/worrisome ways easier to deal with, however!) While we were talking, I was telling him what a great provider he is for his family--what a hard worker he is. He said that I work just as hard as he does, but in a different way. His job is harder physically, but I'm responsible for the kids, the house, etc. He told me how much he appreciated what I did. Where did that come from?!

Continuing the theme, my husband's former boss would be the witch. We'll call him Mr. Obnoxious Meany (or O. M. for short). He has two little girls, the oldest of which is maybe 4. He wanted to buy this obnoxiously ridiculous piece of furniture, which my husband advised him against. After all, he has two young children. . .O. M.'s response? "I know what your kids are like, but my kids are good. They wouldn't destroy anything." I haven't attacked this man. . .yet--are you proud?

Welcome to my wardrobe, which will transport us to an alternate universe. My cousin gets to be the wardrobe. She went out to eat with me in Little Rock. She is an amazing person, full of goodness and love and life. She reminded me of the time when we were kids and involved in a very serious car accident. It is truly a wonder that none of us were killed. Her comment of how different this world would be if we had died--no Kyler, no Kady, etc.--sobered me and made me think. God is amazing. My life is amazing. My kids are amazing. My husband is amazing. How awesome His plan must be, if only we knew what it was!

Well, my version of the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe might not be what you would expect, but it'll have to do for now. Stop back by tomorrow (hopefully) and I will show you some of my loot. . .


Anonymous said...

I'm very thankful we weren't killed, too. This world with no Rachel would be a sad place to be!
I love you so much!

Steph at the Red Clay Diaries said...

What a tough situation to find yourselves in right before Christmas. I'm sorry.

A LOT of people think my kids are destructive and impolite. And to some degree, I guess they are. ;) But they're also creative, loving, and very very fun. I'm way too disorganized and silly to have calm, passive kids. Plus I enjoy my kids the way they are.

As I've aged, I've found it easier to let slide the opinions of others who would make different choices or might have different personalities.

Who knows about OM? But you and I both know his kids aren't perfect. And sometimes parents who expect their kids to act like little adults end up with pretty uptight kids.

Now that he's a former boss, his opinion REALLY doesn't matter.

God has something planned. I'll look forward to hearing what it is.

Debbie said...

You hit it. Life is amazing. We should be thankful every day. Thanks for the reminder.