Monday, December 29, 2008

I tangled with the blue monster. . .

and the blue monster won.

I live smack dab in the middle of the land of the blue monster. When I say blue monster, I am referring to that great big discount store that ends in "mart" and does not begin with a K. I am not a big fan of the blue monster. He and I have tangled before. Unfortunately, this is THE land of the blue monster, and there are very few alternatives--especially if your two nearest towns have less than 3,000 people.

The blue monster was beckoning at lunch time. It was calling for me to get a loaf of bread (or maybe that part was my husband calling to ask me to pick up a loaf of bread. . .details, details. . .) Somehow my fall tote that usually contains all Halloween and fall decorations has went missing. It's purple. It has my name on it. If you see it, please call 1-800-RACH-NEEDSME. I halfway remember this conversation where Kevin asks to borrow it. . .He does not.

I detoured by the conveniently located storage bins at the blue monster. The blue monster knows that normal people are taking down Christmas decorations now and looking for a better way to stow everything, so he's relocated this part to the front of the store. (My Christmas decorations are still up and will be till well after the first--don't judge!!) It was so easy. I found the one I wanted.

Oh, wait--THIS one. It's clear. I could SO see what I've got in it. . .

I grabbed the matching lid. It was easy. The lid was right above the tote. My biggest dilemma was. . .red or green? Hmm.

I have a serious love of the self check-out. It's fast. It's easy. And I'm all about both. Oh, wait. That was not how that was supposed to come out. . . I used the self check-out, and as I bent down to get my purchases, I noticed the lid did not fit right.

Hmm, that's odd. I'll ask the customer service/check-out policewoman right there.

"Ma'am, it doesn't matter. You've already paid for it. It's yours. Besides, it wouldn't close if it wasn't the right one."

Well. That clears that up. And y'all know I have issues with confrontation. . . .so. . .is anyone interested in a $12.00 tote that has a slightly ill-fitting lid? I'll make you a good deal on it.

BEWARE! The blue monster is not about customer service. He does not tell you that you are entering into a binding commitment when you purchase a tote. He does not care, and he does not play nice.


Jenn said...

You are way too nice. I wouldn't have bothered with permissions... would have just gotten the right lid and marched over to the customer service desk to let them know!

I miss living in Target land. I miss having three Targets within ten miles, esp since I don't even have three stores within ten miles. And Costco is five hours away. I love it here, but miss my retail therapy!

I still think you should take it back and get the right

Kyler is in the video I finally got uploaded on my blog. :0)

Upstatemomof3 said...

Convenience comes at a price. The question is - is it worth it?

Paula said...

Do you need your faithful teacher friend to go and get all mean third grade teacher on them to get the right lid? You know, I have been on Christmas break for a while and need to get my mean teacher voice back in practice.

steffj89 said...

forget it the easy way...take it in show the cust service people the reciept and the tote and tell them YOUR HUSBAND got the wrong thing....


Jenn said...

sic em, Paula... lol