Saturday, January 31, 2009

pics of ice storm

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very quick update

we just had the worst ice storm ever for our part of the country. my office still doesn't have power, and my hometown was told they wouldn't get power in town for a week!! Massive storm damage occurred at my parents' house (where we were hunkered down) and was typical of the area. I'll be back Monday with more pics. (Kev came up to check on stuff and brought us back down with him.) I'm trying to post some pics, so check back for a later post with pics--although computer and blogger are now disobeying me. . .

Friday, January 30, 2009

PSHAW!! I don't need no stinkin' filing system!

I'm not sure how we'll do on our taxes this year. Kevin started a new career, after all.
However, with a filing system like his, how can we go wrong?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Warn Your Mother First

Before you take this to your mother's home, you should warn her you are NOT pregnant. Just sayin'.
Oh, and I take this for the extra iron. No, I am not pregnant, but now you just might guess what that VERY personal item was that I bought. (Not this.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

chocolate cake and peaches: meme catch-up

Last week (or possibly longer), Erica tagged me for a fun meme.
So here we go:
1. Choose the 4th folder where I store my pictures on the computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.
5. No cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)
This picture was taken last summer at my parents' house. It is my dad (in a somewhat dumbfounded look. . .) eating chocolate cake and canned peaches with my daughter. (Hey! Don't knock it until you've tried it!!)
I tag anyone who wants to participate! (I cheat like that all the time. . .)

Monday, January 26, 2009

What Unemployment Looks Like

I am proud to say that my husband started his new job today. Yay!! That said, I thought I would give you a look at what changes we have made since the recession hit home. (You already know about my Diet Dr. Pepper situation.)

We've been eating this. . .

Thankfully, my dad is a farmer. He provides us with lots of beef. I feel a little bit like Bubba when I say we've had beef steak, chicken fried steak, roast, hamburgers, hamburger helper, roast as barbecue meat, etc.

As you know, Kevin is a hunter. He provides us with our limit of venison. Again, we've had venison stew, venison chili, venison Hamburger Helper, fried venison. . .

Therefore, fried potatoes and beef or venison have been on nearly every menu. Not that I'm complaining. We did not starve. That is very important. Now, however, I'm ready for some healthier alternatives. . .like cheesecake.

It looks like we're about to get a serious ice storm in Paradise. I'm going to attempt to pre-post this week, so please do not be offended if you don't get a response to your comments, as I will be attempting to stay warm, remain sane, and entertain my two kids at my parents house without driving them insane (the kids--my parents are already there).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rachel, the Answerer is IN!

Not the best title, but a person can only be witty so much, ya' know? Well, your questions certainly spanned a range, and unlike my life, only rarely had something to do with my children. . .

  1. Jenn asked if Kyler could come over and play with Kyle and Todd when she finishes remodeling their room. Considering I don't know this random Jenn person, but she sounds like she has a fun house. . .sure. Please do not let Kyler play with knives or anything flammable and I don't have a problem with it. (Totally joking! I do know Jenn and she's super nice. I promise I would not let my children hang out with serial killers/creepy child people that I don't wan't to even type for fear somone will stumble here looking for those words. . .)

  2. Jenn also asked if I have ever played Cranium Wow? No. I have not, but I have enjoyed all other Cranium games I have played. Therefore, I expect you to make up some killer excuse for us to a) play this game, b) scrapbook, and c) consume quantities of margaritas. What? You offered!

  3. Those silly Belfast people asked what food I would miss most if I had to give it up for a year. I would not give up any food for a year. Nope. Sorry. Not gonna happend. . .except maybe blueberries and cucumbers. That would be a sacrifice I might be willing to make. Those fun-loving Belfast Bunch get my respect. Apparently, mac and cheese comes in a jar in Ireland. And [gulp] the chocolate is not the same. There are no Reese's. She hasn't even had the heart to comment on the state of Diet Dr. Pepper in the land of leprechauns and potatoes. . .

  4. Which brings me to Jen T's question. She asked if I ever get to drink the real thing. This is a great chance to discuss the maturing (not ageing) of tastebuds. As a kid, we drank Dr. Pepper. As a teenager, I drank Dr. Pepper--after a slight detour with Mountain Dew. As a college student, I gained a little weight and read a book in which the author stated all her calories were to be eaten--not drank. I quickly looked up the calories in Dr. Pepper and decided it sounded like a plan to me. I haven't looked back since, although, for some reason, my scientifically sound weight loss plan hasn't worked like I thought it would. . .more on that later in the week. Today, Dr. Pepper tastes too sweet for me, so I stick to the Diet.

  5. Erica, who is apparently a real go-getter asked 2 questions. First of all, she asked what 3 things I would take to a desert island. Easy-peasy. 1) toothbrush. 2) my Bible. easy enough, right. Then, I made my mistake. Here's my answer: 3) a cell phone. unless of course that's not allowed or there would be no signal. in that case, I would take a tent. unless of course there is shelter of some kind on this island. then, I would take matches. or water. or diet dr. pepper. or clothes. yeah, I'm thinking a change of undies would be nice. Does that answer your question? I will now be packing my survival kit in my purse--just in case.

  6. Erica's second question: If you could have lunch with any 5 people, dead or alive, who would you pick? Oh, Erica, you're making this too hard on me! Who's paying? Where we going? OK, here's my tentative list: a) Martin Luther King, Jr. because of the contributions he made (nonviolently) to our country, b) Neta Jackson, the lady who wrote the Yada Yada Prayer Group Series, c) my husband (why not? We never get to eat together, anyway! Plus, he's a much better socializer than I am!), d) Twyla & Daniel (because I miss getting together with her!!!!!! and him!!), e) Jesus (ok, that's a gimme), f) George Stephanoloupous, because his observations are always intelligent, if not right : ), g) Bianca (because she's the smartest person to debate anything with, and h) Erica, because that would just be rude if I didn't invite her! (She must be picking up the check, right?!) : ) I kinda cheated, but what's new?!

  7. Mom of 2 asked if Kevin and I plan on living in "Paradise" for the rest of our lives or if we have plans of moving? Hmmm, this question would require advance planning on our parts and actual decisiveness, which we don't do so well. I believe my final answer is yes, we tentatively plan on living in paradise for the rest of our lives--wherever that may be. The long-term goal, as of last week, was to eventually sell the house we're in when the market is a little better and (possibly, maybe) move closer to my parents (wherever that might be at that time. . .). However, we are prepared to live wherever we feel God wants us. In conclusion, if you're confused, then, good, you got all that.

  8. Finally, steffj89 asked if Kevin had gone back to work yet. . .OK, I think it's safe to say that my husband has officially joined the permanently unemployed society (dues pending). Actually, we anticipate him returning to work next week [fingers crossed].

As for getting together for lunch, I have a better idea. Let's all get together to see this!!!

It opens February 13th, so I'm planning on seeing it that night or Valentine's DAY (not night). Maybe we could eat at Olive Garden, etc., before/after the movie. You're all welcome to join me. Email (rlkendr AT yahoo DOT com) for input and details (although they're obviously not finalized yet). What do you think?

Whew. I'm tired after all that. I think it's time for this. . .


For Christmas, Kyler got one of THESE. It's a Nintendo DS Lite. It's a fun handheld gaming console regardless of the game played, but when you add the New Super Mario Brothers to the mix, well. . .Kevin says they make them out of crack. He should know--he's logged more hours than anyone in our house.

I finally got a turn earlier this week. Now I can't wait until I can sneak it away from one of the guys. If I could only get up around 2 am, I am thinking I could have hours for Mario and skeleton turtles and walking mushrooms and. . .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

who forgot to switch the clothes to the dryer?!

Please, tell me this does not only happen to me: You wash a load of clothes, and then. . .nothing. You forget to switch it to the dryer. Ugh! The clothes stink and running it through the washer again does not take away the smell.

(Again, let's pretend this doesn't happen to just me, ok?!)

Next time, when you rewash the clothes add a 1/2 cup or so ammonia or Mr. Clean (generic is ok) to the wash. It will take the smell away, and your clothes will smell fresh again. It works for me! To find other useful hints, check out Rocks in my Dryer HERE.

dressing in the dark

My daughter is at that wonderful age where she wants to do everything herself. She's beginning to be able to do more for herself. She brushes her own teeth (and then I "check" them AKA rebrush them). She helps me cook all the time. She sings her own songs. She tells her babies all kinds of things. She pretends to be a Dora princess or Barbie or "Shortcake." She dresses up in creatively styled outfits, e.g., a sleeveless yellow summer dress with thick blue sweatpants.

Since Kevin has been home, we've made Kady go to sleep in her bed by (grandmothers, please turn away and stop reading now!) herself. We tuck her in, read a book, say prayers, and leave her in her room. It's been traumatic. I couldn't have done it if Kev wasn't home. (I used to sit in her room until she fell asleep.) Kady cried and fought this new step. . .for a few minutes each night. I am starting to think this is not what will emotionally scar her for life. (I've been wrong before, but. . .)

It seems there has been some hanky panky going on after lights out, however. (Not that kind! Get your mind out of the gutters, people!) Anyway, the night before last, we heard Kady making what we thought were wheezing sounds, so we went into check on her. (She was not, in fact, wheezing, just snoring softly.) When we did, we found she had emptied out everything out of one of her dresser drawers and changed out of her pajamas and into the afore-mentioned yellow sundress and blue sweatpants.

Last night, we picked up her room and told her in no uncertain terms that she was NOT to open her drawer and get anything out. All was well last night when we tucked her in. She had several instances of getting out of the bed, but she was immediately escorted back to her bed. (Super Nanny would have been proud.) Shortly after being put to bed (and put back to bed), all was quiet. Well. . .kinda. I soon heard the unmistakable "clink" of her drawer pulls being, well, pulled and then, "Sssshhhhhhh." Trying not to laugh, I whispered to Kevin what we were hearing, and then, together, we heard, "Ssssshhhhhhhhhh." My daughter, the stealth dresser.

This almost beats the time she tried to sneak by us at MooMoo's house, so she closed her eyes. Almost.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Life as an Open Book

OK, folks. Ask me anything. Anything (within reason. . .), and I'll answer your questions. I've seen others do this. I thought it was great on their part to open themselves up like that. I never did it, because well, it's going to be really embarrassing if you guys don't ask me anything. Please, if you've ever read this blog and wondered anything about our weird life or paradise itself or my view on the economic bailout plan or whatever, now is your time to ask it. (You do not have to have a blog to post a comment--anonymous posts are accepted.) And if you're thinking that I have nothing to write about, you would be correct. . .

Monday, January 19, 2009

whoa, there I go!

forgive me. I have been a bad blogger. It's my work, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. We're starting this week short handed and are losing one therapist for two weeks starting Wednesday. If my boss doesn't have a nervous break down in the next two weeks, then I promise to have one for her.

A nurse told me a very funny story about a local doctor today. This unnamed doctor went into a very hard of hearing and confused patient's room. The patient was very agitated and kept asking for his deceased wife. The doctor leaned toward the patient and yelled, "SHE DIED!" The patient gulped, looked at the doctor, and asked, "Today?"

Needless to say, please don't send that doctor in if I'm ever confused. I hope to be pleasantly confused like the patient I treated on one of my internships. She kept asking about the cruise ship she thought we were on.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Confident? Not yet.

Kyler has had difficulty with school. There--I said it. He has made tremendous progress this year. We just received his report card for the first semester. He had improved EVERY subject (except Social Studies, which was already a 97%).

Last night, Kevin and I told him how proud we were of him. We told him how great he had done, what great grades he had, and how hard we knew he had worked. He looked at us with a VERY serious expression on his face and said, "Are you sure that report card is mine?"

I refrained from replying, "Yes, honey, I'm sure. No one else has that many tardies. . ."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

for the record (me being mean)

I am not against plastic surgery. I've never had any. I don't know if I will. More than anything, it doesn't fit into our budget. I don't judge or condemn anyone who has had "work." If, however, you are older than me (and we went to school together, so I should know) and your forehead doesn't move, you have not an ounce of dimply skin anywhere, and your skin has never met a crease, you have to understand I will laugh at you--at least behind your back. You're welcome.

Now, for the rest of us, let's take a minute to appreciate the wrinkly skin, fat, stretch marks, and dimples that, by golly, I earned. Those kids were not unceremoniously dropped on my doorsteps, ya' know!

That is all. You may now return to what you were doing.

Life in a Small Town

I'm sitting here in the clinic where I work, wondering just how exactly I got stuck babysitting the man who's van broke down outside our office. It's bone-chilling cold here, so we couldn't just lock him outside. Rachel to the rescue. . .Ok, so basically I'm guarding the place from someone who looks like I could drop kick him into place, but couldn't you act like it was highly important work?! OK, now I feel like a jerk, since the dealership is coming to repossess it. Bad day, anyone?

Yesterday, I found out just how small our town is. If you've never lived in a small (as in teeny, tiny) town, this post may seem hard to believe. Everything I am about to tell you is true.

The blue monster beckoned yesterday. I was in need of several items, in particular items of a very personal nature. I was seriously contemplating driving else where to purchase said PRIVATE items, when I decided to just go for it here. (Call me crazy. This was when I believed that there was still a semblance of privacy in Paradise. . .)

I found everything except the VERY PRIVATE item I needed. I made my way to that aisle and found my item. However, on the way, I came across the mom of a friend. She wanted to talk. and talk some more. Eventually, I eased my cart away enough to escape and find the item. Kady had taken her coat off and I place the VERY PRIVATE item under her coat. (I was more concerned about someone I knew seeing me than blue monster security. I'm crazy like that.) Now, all I had to do was find a check-out line where I didn't know the checker. Easier said than done, especially with 3 lanes open. . .[sigh]

I found a line with nary a familiar face in sight. I managed a relieved sigh, when someone in the (very empty) express lane was waving me over. OH NO! It was the mom of one of Kyler's friends. I couldn't pretend I didn't see her. I couldn't not go over there. I did not want her to think I was rude. I slowly, with head held (somewhat) high, made my way over to the express lane with my (only 3 items above the limit) cart. She talked the entire time she checked me out about our children's' teacher. (She's great. We love her. Apparently, everyone else does, too.)

I made my way towards the exit. I see previously mentioned wonderful teacher who takes the time to ask about Kyler and his headache. We talk. For awhile. I look down and Kady is searching desperately for her tictacs--and throwing my VERY PRIVATE item in the floor while she searches. So much for privacy.

What's your best small-town story? Embarrassing story? Crappy day? And if you ask what the VERY PRIVATE item was, I will not be your bloggy friend anymore. : )

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ode to the mailman

sometimes your mail thrills
other times you bring us bills

through rain, sleet, and snow
you always to our house go

now, I must protest
our mail is messed

our magazines and books
are not for your looks
please we ask of you
our mail is not for you

so in honor of your service, I utter my appreciation
in observance of your lack of privacy, my dissatisfaction.

Notice: Poetry is not for me. Now you know. . . and knowing is half the battle.

Kyler is at my dad's house today after leaving school with a headache and low-grade fever. He still has a bad headache. Thank goodness for grandparents.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my dream job

I think I found my husband a job. Heck, I think I found me a new job!

Australia offers up 'best job:' Lounge in Paradise

(Not that I'm not already in paradise, but. . .)

What do you think?

How much would it cost to get Diet Dr. Pepper to a deserted island?

the recession hits home in a big way

Times are tough.

I'm drinking this. . .

instead of this. . .

Need I say more?
(Oh yeah. My husband is still unemployed. That hurts, too.)

Monday, January 12, 2009

I told you so

What I wanted to tell the vampires from the insurance company who were here to get my blood today:

I am not a nurse.

I will never be a nurse.

Therefore, I promise to never attempt to draw blood.

I also know nothing about drawing someone else's blood.

However, I might know a little more about MY blood.

And my veins.

When I tell you that you have to use my hand or that my veins "roll" (whatever that means), listen to me.

I did not spend Saturday night thinking of ways to steal your job or make it harder.

I promise!!

I am, however, deathly afraid of what you're doing to me, so please, do it with the most information in the least invasive and least painful way possible.

That is all. Carry on now. (I told you that you would have to use my hand.)

And if you're here from We are THAT family, WELCOME! I am so glad you're here, and I hope you'll stick around awhile!

Friday, January 9, 2009

they say opposites attract

My husband and I grew up one town apart. His town was 10 miles from my town. Yet, we never met until we were teenagers. He was 17, and I was 16. We were inseparable from that time on. Prior to that, however, we were quite different. This fact was reiterated the other night when we were talking about our young teenage years.

You may remember that our community has a movie theatre. It has been here FOREVER. Like any small town, there are limited opportunities for fun (besides the theatre). Therefore, many nights were spent catching a movie by small-town Paradisians (especially of the under-16-and-therefore-not-driving-anywhere-age).

Or so I thought.

Kev and I were discussing this topic, when he told me how much fun it was to sneak out of the movie theatre. It was apparently the "golden hour" of the week--the time when youngsters were unsupervised and their parents unaware of their whereabouts. (And Kevin's should have been aware. . .)

I tried to sneak out once. The concession stand girl caught me. She was a friend of the family. I didn't try that again.

Kevin laughed. He went on to explain that really, you only had maybe 90 minutes of free time, because you had to sneak back in and get some "good" kid to tell you all about the movie.


It dawned on him slightly after it dawned on me. I was THAT kid. The sad part is that I never knew it. I always thought it was really weird that everyone asked me all about the movie. I mean, if they really wanted to know, why didn't they just stay and watch it?

Kev just shook his head and said, "I can't believe WE got married." Neither can I.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

kinda missed the point

We were on our way to school this morning and listening to the Upwards cd. (When you play Upwards, they give you a cd that has songs to help you memorize your scriptures.) To be fair, this was the first time we listened, and we're all worn out this week.

Kyler looks up at me with this puzzled look and says, "He got his 429?"

No, babe, that would be "Luke 4:29."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the end of an era

Kevin has his Jeep for sale.

Kevin is a car nut.

For as long as I've known him, he's drooled over muscle cars and classic cars of all kinds, especially Mustangs.

We spent many hours looking at Mustangs at car shows.

MANY hours.

Some guy offered to trade his 1968 Mustang for Kevin's Jeep.

Kevin declined.

My husband has officially entered adulthood.

"It sucks. You're gonna love it."

(Bonus points if you can name what tv show and character uttered the above quote.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

for the record. . .

This is not my husband. . .even though someone told me today that he (the lead singer, who I assume is Zac Brown) looks just like my hubby. . .and you doubted our redneck authenticity.

(For those unfamiliar with this band, they are the Zac Brown Band. Their single is Chicken Fried. Click on the pic to see their video.)

ramblings of a semi-comatose mind

my thoughts do not appear to be coherent today--even when trapped within my skull. My employer laid off one of my coworkers yesterday. Now, I am worried about her and her family, running around trying to keep up with part of her job and my job, trying to calm my husband's fears (still no job), get Kyler back in "school mode," begin basketball practice, and just survive.

Here goes:

My husband just might be trailer trash now. He, um, we bought a 30 foot travel trailer he will be staying in when he is away working. It will save him money and put him closer to his welder daily. Yippee. It really is a good thing.

Kev took Kady with him today to run errands. He says she will be potty trained today. He refuses to change diapers. Stop laughing. He might hear you!

Kev took Kady's pacifier away. She cried once or twice and then she was fine with it. Now, she talks to herself until she falls asleep. . .

Basketball practice starts tonight for Kyler. I am SO excited. I hope he tries really hard this year and has fun. We have had much better experience with the Upwards program than the local baseball program. Then again, the problem was with the coach's wife. . .

February 13th is THE day I get to see

anyone else a fan?

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have been cloned. I'm here (obviously) and over HERE today. (Keeping in mind my family history of questionnable sanity, this will be the last time I claim to be cloned. . .unless of course it actually happens. . .aliens do that, ya' know. . .)

If this is your first time here, please stay awhile. I have sweet tea and Diet Dr. Pepper in the fridge. Would you like some? Thank you for stopping by, whether this is your first time or millionth time (that would be you, Mom!)!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Let me apologize for the sideways pics. Blogger and I are arguing today, and he is obviously winning. . .[sigh]. . .which is also the reason for the duplicate post the other day. . .[sigh]

Kady seems to be going through some kind of a weird posing phase.

She is no longer smiling naturally for the camera.

I wonder where she gets it. . .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Because we haven't had the redneck-y posts in awhile. . .

Apparently, getting 22 shells for Christmas is a little too practical to be fun. . .

(Did you notice the deer head above him? Nice, huh? In case you didn't. . .)

Do you feel my pain? Next exhibit. . .
Have a great New Year's Day! STAY SAFE!!!

Kyler only gets to ride the 4-wheeler when Dad can watch him. Kevin's home, so Kyler is loving it! (Yes, he HAS to wear a helmet!!!)