Thursday, December 11, 2008

You like me, you really like me

At the risk of sounding all Sally Field, I can't believe the support and encouragement I have gotten lately. You people are awesome! Domestic Accident, who cracks me up, gave me an award. This is the equivalent of a struggling actress getting a phone call from Nicole Kidman to say keep it up. Not that I need external validation or anything. . .Anywho, back to topic.

Here are the rules for the recipients:

♥ list 10 honest things about yourself
♥ pass the award onto 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design
♥ link to the blogger who gave you this prize
♥ link to the blogs receiving the prize
♥ notify the recipients

My upcoming 100 post has 100 things that may make all of you change your minds about whether or not I'm on this side of the crazy fence (as if you had any doubts). I'm totally stealing from that list, when I tell you 10 honest things about me (because you know you don't want to know 110 things about me in one week).
  1. My husband and I got married when he was 19 and I was 18. Don't judge.

  2. It's worked out thus far. We've been married for 10 1/2 years.
  3. I was once featured on Jay Leno's segment about Headlines,

  4. because I was once the reigning Beef Princess.

  5. Sadly, I could not make that up!

  6. I am a huge college football fan.

  7. I am the world's worst housekeeper.
  8. I am a huge packrat.

  9. I have eaten squirrel meat. (Don't judge.)

  10. I like to camp. . .in a tent.

Ok, now that you've laughed at me, let's pass on the prize. Here goes.

I have noticed a great deal of negative feelings among many of us moms lately. Amy (By His Grace), Erica and those Krazy Kennetts, Steph at the Red Clay Diaries, and Elizabeth at Finding Him Bigger are SO great at encouraging the rest of us! They are so uplifting and enlightening. They make me think (and forgive myself).

As you may know, if you can make me laugh, you will be my friend for life. Queen B, Suburb Sanity, and Our Name is Blog make me laugh. . .repeatedly.

Thank you all for making my world a better place. . .one laugh or encouraging word at a time!


Anonymous said...

You gave me a smile...My husband was 24 and I was 18 and five no I wouldnt dream of judging....more power to you!

Jenn said...

That is one stinking cool sign!

I don't judge. I just read and laugh along!

And a secret part of me hopes Kyler says "yahoo" on Sunday... lololol

Anonymous said...

Support and Encouragement, you are really worth it Rachel! I would try to make you laugh, but I'm just too darn tired. My husband is out of work with a back injury, my daughter had to go to the ER and stay overnight this week. I picked up my two grandchildren drove them to see their Mom, took them home and stayed overnight. Yesterday my 82 year old Dad and I drove back up to the hospital where my daughter was being discharged from and picked her up. Went back to the doctors office she works at, picked up her car that was left there and we drove both cars and my daughter home! Whew!
Got home yesterday to 83 e-mails, just got through them this morning. I'm really not complaining, I am so grateful that I can do all of this. Yes, I like you, I really, really like you!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...


Thank you! I'm so glad to read that I've encouraged you.

But what about the funny?

Maybe I only crack MYSELF up...

Lorrie Veasey said...

Thank you, thank you, you are tooooooo kind. I shall link back to you on Monday.

I liked you even BEFORE you gave me an award :)