Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?

I am well aware that there are a few readers that are warm and cozy in your more northerly homes. You are used to sub-zero temperatures and snow and winter clothes. That said, . . .

Y'all, it's cold here.

(Like 16 degrees cold.)

And we live in the south.

And we don't do cold.

At least, I don't do cold.

At all.

We had to dig out heavy coats.

And gloves.

I don't do hats.

Or scarves.

This reminds me of the one time I journeyed to Chicago.

It was REALLY, REALLY cold.

Bitterly cold.

And people kept saying, "WHERE are you from?"

I haven't been back.

Which reminds me, it's really, really cold here.

I wonder if I can find a scarf. . .


Shannon said...

That's hilarious! I remember that trip to Chicago (for ASHA convention, right?). I forgot gloves and a scarf. I was miserable!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh we are opposites ... I love the cold, love to snuggle down...fires and scarves...i hate this heat we have in Australia, sunburn, tired whinging children... I wish there was some way you and I could swap for the seasons...:)

CC said...