Friday, December 5, 2008

First and foremost, I would like to thank the academy. . .

Lori at RECOVERING STROKE SURVIVOR has given me an award in the past. I've never known quite what to do, so both times, I simply said thank you. Honestly, both times, I've been touched beyond words. It is a huge compliment just to know that 8 (!) people are following my blog. When you factor in someone giving me an award, it makes me feel all funny and inadequate on the inside. So, I thought long and hard over what to say, and the truth is, I'm still stumped. That said, I'm totally gonna wing this and hope not to offend and yet sound somewhat intelligible.

Although it is nice to know someone is reading (especially if you didn't give birth to me and do not feel a strong sense of guilt drawing you here to read day after day after day. . .), the truth is, I would still blog even if y'all didn't come back here. I'm relatively new to this bloggy thing, but I've learned a few things since July (like how to hyperlink--you can SO teach a blonde new tricks!). The last few days have made me quite introspective regarding the time I spend on here. I asked myself why I blog. What am I getting out of this? Here are a few of my answers. . .
I blog because. . .
  1. I personally think my kids are awesome and amazing and know you will too if you hear enough about them! : ) Honestly, sometimes my blog reminds me of the worst Christmas letter you've ever received. I won't lie to you. I will be honest. If my big achievement as a mom is that I always, um, ALLWAYS (as Kyler says) feed my children, then, by all means, that's what I'll say. How many Christmas letters admit that?

  2. I like to hear myself talk--er--type?

  3. as awesome and amazing as my kids are, they sometimes drive me up the walls. Sometimes, I just need to vent and step back and try to be objective.

  4. I love to hear a good story. I have become addicted to so many of your blogs! I absolutely love to read what everyone is writing about in this thing we call life. I guess part of me feels I have to participate in my own way in order to read everyone else's.

  5. sometimes my life gets really lonely with a husband so far away. . .and sometimes I just need to hear another voice out there. . .especially if you're going through anything remotely similar.

  6. I believe strongly in the need to laugh. When we lose our ability to laugh at a situation, we lose. I want to laugh. . .and if i have to laugh at myself to do that, I will. Just laugh with me, ok?

  7. whether or not you think what I have to say is important, we all have a voice. God has called me to help other people find theirs. This is my attempt to find my own.

Lori, Amy, thank you. You're both amazing women, and I am truly honored by your gifts.
I have absolutely no idea who to award this to, so I'm going to name 4 people who truly inspire me.

Red Clay Diaries

Queen B (have you read anything funnier?)

Super Powers and Domestic Accident (because us SLP's have to stick together!)

And to all who read this, thank you. Your kind words always make my day!


CC said...

Awwwww! Thanks! :)

My kids drive me nuts sometimes too. That's why I have to work!

Anonymous said...

You are MOST welcome Rachel. It is my pleasure, I LOVE reading your Blog. You are doing a great job at writing your Posts and I really appreciate that!

steffj89 said...

I try to read every
i too blog because i sometimes feel the need to hear another mom say she is/has gone thru the same thing...
struggling to stay off total bedrest and dealing with dr...

Debbie said...

I am so with you on the laughing thing. Where would we be without that?
Congrats on the awards.

Amy said...

I'm so glad that I can read your blog each day! Keep it up!