Tuesday, December 30, 2008

French Toast

My mom never made us french toast. I know. You're feeling my pain. She tried. She made cinnamon toast, but she didn't actually know how to make real french toast. (My mom is a great cook, by the way! Apparently, french toast was not something my squirrel-and-dumpling-makin' Grandma taught her. Don't knock the squirell and dumplings--they were quite tasty.)

I've never actually made french toast either. I guess I never think about it. Mom didn't teach me how, so who knows if I could. . .although Kev has done it.

(Let's all pretend that I did not just admit that Kevin can cook. He would be mortified.)

Kev made Kyler french toast today. Kyler, who does not like eggs, ate THREE (3!) pieces. He then told Kevin, "Dad, keep the recipe, but next time, leave out the eggs."

Does that mean we're back to cinnamon toast?


Jenn said...

French toast is one of my favorites as long as it isn't soggy!