Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll Bring the Sodas!

It's holiday time again, and as much as I love my mother-in-law, she should stop reading NOW! (Donna, I really mean it!!)

Every Thanksgiving (and Christmas), we gather at my mother-in-law's house. Great fun is had by all. We enjoy eating until we make ourselves sick. We might play a little football or tag or whatever. The kids always have fun, with a minimum of fights between them.

Preparations have begun for this year. The requisite call to the mother-in-law was made. I was (once again) asked to bring soda pop. In the 10+ years Kevin and I have been married, I've never been asked to bring anything that requires baking/cooking. EVER. Occasionally, I get asked to bring ice. On occasion, store-bought rolls. . .

Now, my mistakes in the kitchen have been well documented by my husband and family. However, I really can cook. I just don't like to. Perhaps she feels my skills are best utilized elsewhere. . .where, I don't know, but. . .Perhaps she feels like I am too occupied with my kiddos. . .(nah, that can't be it!) The other women in this family are rather difficult to compete with. . .One had a heckuva time finding quality ladyfingers for her home-made tiramisu. . .Yeah, I hate when that happens. . .

Anywho, I am proud to announce that just last year, I graduated to prep cook. That's right. I was allowed to wash, peel, AND slice the veggies and fruit for the trays. . .Jealous?

Unfortunately, the invitation hasn't been extended (yet) this year. . .I'm sure it's just a matter of time, right?


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Nobody ever asks me to cook anything either. What is UP with that?

Anonymous said...

My Sister does Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.
I wasn't asked to cook anything, SAD!
I did say that I am going to bring a dessert that I can eat (Type II Diabetic). Nobody needs to know it is made with SPLENDA, LOL. Living in Massachusetts you never know what the weather is going to be like. So it COULD be football, but probably basketball. Or, it could be ice hockey in the driveway. I just have to use my cane, wear non-slip shoes, and watch the kids from the porch window. My husband gets out of all of this, as he has to work holidays. But he does get a plate sent home for him, and he is always grateful for that.

Rebecca Hickman said...

At least its not at your house. I love my MIL to death, but it drives me nuts when she hijacks my household.

Brooke said...

i'm always the shells and cheese girl! :)

i attempted a chess cake this year.

next year i'll be stick with the velvetta and a 2 liter