Friday, December 5, 2008

A White Christmas (Tree) After All

You might remember that we have 2 colorblind people in our house, but one of them is in strong denial. . .One of these days, he will kill me for sharing this story, but until then. . .

I spent Wednesday at home cleaning and putting up my Christmas decorations. Although I'm not a perfectionist, if there's one thing I get a little particular about, it's my Christmas stuff. My first job was in a Christmas store. I know what trees are supposed to look like, and I cringe when mine doesn't look like I want it to. That said, I have for the past several years, allowed Kyler to decorate much of the tree. This year, however, I really wanted to get it up without having to battle Kady to STAY OUT OF THE BREAKABLE ORNAMENTS! I MEAN IT, YOUNG LADY!

I began the process Wednesday, and before I realized it, it was complete. I felt really guilty about not letting the kids participate in such an important family event, so I decided to put up another tree. This is something I did 6 or so years ago, when we lived in a much bigger house. I promised the kids they could get their own tree and decorate it any way they wanted. Kyler made me promise i wouldn't rearrange the ornaments when he got them on the tree. . .not that I've done that before. . .

Anyway, we were deep in tree conversation (Kyler saying he wanted a white tree. . .I was trying to think of a nice way to say "not in my house!") when we stopped to get Kady. After I buckled her into her carseat, Kyler leaned over and asked Kady if she wanted one of those white Christmas trees (like he did) or one of those ugly brown Christmas trees like everyone else has. . .Brown?! Oh, no. Who knew my son thought we had a brown Christmas tree all these years? No wonder he wants a white one! Who in their right mind would want a BROWN Christmas tree? The poor child has lived with a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" his entire life and I never knew it.

Tally ho! I suppose I'm off to buy a [gulp] white Christmas tree. . .(Pictures forthcoming, I promise!)


steffj89 said...

Well it could be worse...the boys are asking for one of those sparkly blue Christmas Trees from Wal Mart
And to tell the truth...i am likely going to allow it