Monday, November 16, 2009

Nana, the secret running back

My son is a little obsessed with football this fall, after just completed his first season of REAL football. (It was awesome.) He plays football. He watches football. He shops for football stuff. He talks football. The kid likes football. Therefore, the following conversation should not have caught me as off-guard as it did.

Kyler: Mom, did Nana every play football?

Me: Nana? Play football? No, I don't think so.

Kyler: Yeah, did she play football?

Me: No, girls don't play football. [Forgive me. My brain was travelling in many directions trying to figure out where this was going.]

Kyler: No, Mom, like H. Did Nana play football?

Me: No, son, she did not.

Kyler: Are you sure? Because she had 2 of those mouth guards at her house. I asked her, and she said they were not Papa's. SHE SAID they were hers. Are you sure she didn't play football?

The mouth guards in question? They belong with this. . .

Question: What position do you think my mom secretly played before she was my mom?

Friday, November 13, 2009

nothin' much. and you?

Life is busy, and these are my random updates.

I am still trying to get down to my cruise weight. I'm pleased to announce, 10 more pounds, and I am CRUISE bound!! I tried a new workout last night. It's called Zumba. (Search it on youtube, if you're unfamiliar. Be assured that I looked nothing like that.) It's great if you have rhythm or coordination or hips that move. Unfortunately, I don't. I spent one hour and ten minutes attempting to not knock anyone down. I succeeded but just barely.

I will be attending a conference next week. I will be spending Wednesday through Sunday in New Orleans! This will only be my second flight (seriously), so pray that I arrive safely, please. Also, pray that Kyler and Kady behave, stay safe, and stay healthy while I am gone. There's nothing so nerve-wracking as being a mother and being away from your babies.

My long-awaited niece arrived last Wednesday. Miss M is here, and I still haven't managed to see her! I am certainly going to try to see that girl this weekend. In fact, other than cleaning house and packing for my trip, that's all that's on my to-do list. How about yours? Oh, and you can bet I'll be at least listening to the Razorbacks.

Go, Hogs, go!! Beat Troy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

favorite kyler quote of the month (so far)

"Well, whoever finds my underwear can just have it!"

This was said after my 9 year-old son attended a birthday party at an indoor pool. Apparently, his underwear miraculously wandered out of his locker and off to play basketball. . .or something. Yes, he is definitely my son.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

just doing my part

It's now official. Arkansas is sin-filled. I am now living in a gambling state. . .and loving it. Really, I'm just doing my part. I'm stimulating the economy, while providing scholarships for the students of my state. I like to think of it as investing in my children's college education. And so far, I'm investing a lot of money. If our so-called "educational crisis"can be solved by throwing money at our educational system, I'm pretty sure we've solved it in about 30 days. And the new vocabulary. . .double down. Quick pick. One pick. Power play. Addiction. Fascinating stuff, I'm telling you. If you'll forgive me, I have to get my scratching quarter ready. . .I've got a winning ticket headed my way. Ooh, and now there's Powerball. . .