Monday, June 1, 2009

Families, Funerals, and Buffalo Herds

Families...well, I think it's at least obvious that most of us don't choose ours. Most of you are aware that I went to a funeral last week. I went with my hard-of-hearing mom and my all-but-deaf father. If it had not been a somber affair, their behavior would have been enough to make me laugh. Instead, I was transported back to my teenage years--you know, the "embarrassed by your parents" years.

My cousin, Theresa sat 2 rows in front of us. At least, my mom was sure that's who that was. In a loud stage whisper, she kept saying, "Theresa, Theresa, Theresa!" this went on several times before she leaned over to me and said, " you know, Theresa is deaf in one ear. I bet it's this ear." Gee, um, ya think?

My dad leaned over frequently and said things like, "who's that man in the blue shirt?" I'm surprised the man in the blue shirt didn't answer--I know he heard him...

The only thing distracting me from my parents (thank goodness there was something!) was the funeral etiquette of some of these (mostly unknown to me) people. While I feel that jeans and ratty t-shirts are questionable funeral attire, I respect the individual right to wear what you choose. I am sure the actual attendance was what was important, and if you choose to attend my funeral adorned in t-shirts or even clown suits that will be fine with me.

However, if you frequently get up and down and go in and out at my funeral, I WILL come back and haunt you. There is no excuse for disruptive behavior--outside of a medical one, and if that applies, you should make yourself as inconspicuous as possible (sit in the back, be quiet entering and exiting, etc.). There were times my rogue herd of buffalo would have been less distracting!

Consider yourself warned...and if you forget, my dad will remind you...loudly. : )


Debbie said...

My mom and step father are bad to talk very loudly like that! I know what you mean! But, I've never been to a funeral when people ran in and out.

Julie said...

At my mom's service recently my cousin brought a helium tank to blow up balloons for the kids (don't know why exactly) and her kids sucked the helium while blowing the balloons up and joked around with stupid voices. I shouldn't have been surprised since these are the same kids who were allowed to play tag DURING the service at my grandmother's funeral. And I think they were offended when I put "no children please" on my wedding invitations. Go figure.