Tuesday, June 2, 2009

techno geek

My loving husband and his burly brother were home this weekend. It turns out that no matter what happens with my husband's current job, he shall never (and by that, I mean NEVER, EVER) have a job in technology. Kevin asked me to explain twitter to him, because he heard it mentioned on tv. Twitter segued into facebook into myspace and into skype. At one point, Kevin asked me when I would start speaking English again. To be fair, this is the same man that used to make me program his alarm clock. . .Techie, he ain't.

In fact, our gender roles are somewhat reversed in this matter. I'm the one programming the dvd player and hooking up the tv and using the computer and. . .I have always been into gadgets. I enjoy technology. . .even if I don't always "get it". I enjoy being a bit of a techno geek.

Kelly, Kevin's brother, just purchased a new cell phone for his tween daughter. It has a slide-out keyboard. Kelly was impressed and wanted to know if you could actually type letters on the phone. When told by his daughter that he could "text message" on the phone, Kelly asked if that was the same as typing a letter to someone. When shown an iPhone and several exciting (albeit useless) applications, Kelly was confused. He thought an iPhone was a, um, phone. . .

This coming weekend, we are hoping to float the Buffalo River (for our 11th anniversary!). Now, that's something my husband knows about! Just don't ask him to post pictures on facebook or update his status or send you a tweet or. . .well, anything that involves technology.

And if you use twitter, look me up. I'm the pitiful one with only 8 followers! : )