Wednesday, June 3, 2009

reminiscing and getting all me-motional with you

Today is the last day of school. My son has the entire summer stretching before him. Unlike some of you SAHM's, I'm torn by this milestone each year. This is when the working-mom guilt hits full force. This is when you feel the full weight of relying on someone else to care for your child. This is when you realize that you're missing very important moments of their lives. . .daily.

This year, I am excited and sad about school ending. I know the summer will go too fast, and there will never be enough time to spend with him. Kyler moves up to the upper elementary building next year. My baby boy is no longer a baby. The baby I used to hold has matured into the young man that I admire. He is the young man that thinks of others. He is the young man that does nothing halfway. He is the young man that loves life. . .each and every day of it. He is the young man that has many, many friends. He is the young man that I will let choose my nursing home, knowing that it's entirely possible he'll choose someplace that allows bungee jumping.

The next time I enter the k-2 building, Kady will start kindergarten. And that. . .that scares the crap out of me.


CC said...

Dude. I have to go until 6/15. So I'm all jealous of you right now. Big time.