Friday, April 17, 2009

Did you see that?

It's Friday. I wasn't sure we'd made it to this point this week, but we did! We staggered out to the car this morning, not quite sure we were awake yet. After getting everyone and everything (Do all 2-year-olds require this much junk?) loaded in the car, we started to town. On the way, Kyler asked about something that happened about two years ago.

There were no illegal substances in use--I promise!

It started as a day like any other. We were driving down the dirt road, hurrying to school/work like we always do. Suddenly, two buffalo came around the corner. Yes, you read that right. A mama buffalo and her baby buffalo came running around the corner, so I cautiously pulled over to the side of the road. They were swiftly followed by the daddy buffalo. All three continued on up the road. If you've never seen a buffalo that close, let me tell you, they are extremely large creatures, so I didn't hang around. I slowly and cautiously pulled on around the corner and met two gentlemen "herding" the buffalo from their trucks. (I'm not sure you herd a buffalo anywhere it doesn't want to go, however.)

At this point, Kyler and I just looked at each other. It was a very surreal experience. He giggled, I giggled, and we did what we always do when we see something strange: we called all the grandparents. All but my dad thought we were pulling their leg. My dad told me that the buffalo must have gotten out of the field across from such-and-such's house. I've looked several times since then, but I've never seen the buffalo since. . .


steffj89 said...

we have days like that. The conservation department has brought a herd of elk or two(i cannot remember for sure) to this area and i walked out on our back deck one time a couple of years ago only to see an elk run thru between our shop and our old dead ford.

Rachel said...

WOW!! That would be really awesome to see!!! The coolest things we have around here are deer and rabbits. And armadillos. Not much to blog home about.