Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm sharing

Privacy and disclosure is something I think we all struggle with when sharing information. There are some things I am an open book on. For instance, my quasi-failures as a mom are always blogging material. I know that I do my best as a mom. I may not be the best. I may not even be good at the whole parenting thing, but I'm willing to share my foibles with the understanding that I'm trying and learning. . .constantly.

There are some things that I'm willing to share some info on, but I'm not sure you're getting the whole picture. I've mentioned I am a horrible housekeeper. I'm not sure you understand the depths to which I sink in this area, but I'm not willing to, you know, show pictures of my inadequacy.

Other things, I tend to keep to myself. We all have headaches. This blog is not my moan and groan session. It's not meant to be my "poor, little, pitiful me" platform. Therefore, I often keep bad stuff off here. (Trust me, I do.) Until today.

Here's the brief rundown. My mom has been getting over pneumonia. She's still sick, but apparently, she is getting better. (I'm ready for her to be well, and she's not there yet.) Friday night, my dad fell. He didn't go to the emergency room until Sunday night, when they diagnosed broken ribs and a punctured lung (less than 25%) and sent him home. He returns to the doctor today, so please pray he is doing well and getting better.

Kyler has been helping take care of my father. He returned to the babysitter today. When asked if he was tired of "babysitting" Papa, Kyler said, "Yes, he's always wanting a glass of water or the phone or something!" Ah, the responsibility threshold of an 8 year old!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!
You're a great daughter and a wonderful mother! This will make you stronger!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mom and Dad are better soon. Hang in there.