Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life in a Small Town

I'm sitting here in the clinic where I work, wondering just how exactly I got stuck babysitting the man who's van broke down outside our office. It's bone-chilling cold here, so we couldn't just lock him outside. Rachel to the rescue. . .Ok, so basically I'm guarding the place from someone who looks like I could drop kick him into place, but couldn't you act like it was highly important work?! OK, now I feel like a jerk, since the dealership is coming to repossess it. Bad day, anyone?

Yesterday, I found out just how small our town is. If you've never lived in a small (as in teeny, tiny) town, this post may seem hard to believe. Everything I am about to tell you is true.

The blue monster beckoned yesterday. I was in need of several items, in particular items of a very personal nature. I was seriously contemplating driving else where to purchase said PRIVATE items, when I decided to just go for it here. (Call me crazy. This was when I believed that there was still a semblance of privacy in Paradise. . .)

I found everything except the VERY PRIVATE item I needed. I made my way to that aisle and found my item. However, on the way, I came across the mom of a friend. She wanted to talk. and talk some more. Eventually, I eased my cart away enough to escape and find the item. Kady had taken her coat off and I place the VERY PRIVATE item under her coat. (I was more concerned about someone I knew seeing me than blue monster security. I'm crazy like that.) Now, all I had to do was find a check-out line where I didn't know the checker. Easier said than done, especially with 3 lanes open. . .[sigh]

I found a line with nary a familiar face in sight. I managed a relieved sigh, when someone in the (very empty) express lane was waving me over. OH NO! It was the mom of one of Kyler's friends. I couldn't pretend I didn't see her. I couldn't not go over there. I did not want her to think I was rude. I slowly, with head held (somewhat) high, made my way over to the express lane with my (only 3 items above the limit) cart. She talked the entire time she checked me out about our children's' teacher. (She's great. We love her. Apparently, everyone else does, too.)

I made my way towards the exit. I see previously mentioned wonderful teacher who takes the time to ask about Kyler and his headache. We talk. For awhile. I look down and Kady is searching desperately for her tictacs--and throwing my VERY PRIVATE item in the floor while she searches. So much for privacy.

What's your best small-town story? Embarrassing story? Crappy day? And if you ask what the VERY PRIVATE item was, I will not be your bloggy friend anymore. : )


Jenn said...

hahahaha.... okay, I saw you the other day in Wally World, but it was from clear across the store so I didn't track you down to make you talk to me. Do I get bonus points or something for that????

Let me tell ya, being the church secretary in an even tinier small town makes for some interesting work days! I just can't post about most of it... lol

Erica said...

I can now appreciate life outside of po-dunk. Especially after this post to remind me of what it was like!

Debbie said...

I think my whole life in my small town is funny. And now the identity of that item will eat at me all night!

CC said...

I don't live in a small town, so no stories for you. But I'm thinking and thinking about your item ;)