Saturday, January 31, 2009

very quick update

we just had the worst ice storm ever for our part of the country. my office still doesn't have power, and my hometown was told they wouldn't get power in town for a week!! Massive storm damage occurred at my parents' house (where we were hunkered down) and was typical of the area. I'll be back Monday with more pics. (Kev came up to check on stuff and brought us back down with him.) I'm trying to post some pics, so check back for a later post with pics--although computer and blogger are now disobeying me. . .


The Belfast Bunch said...

Glad you are safe!

I was able to get ahold of everyone in my family and friends I know in Berryville and confirm they were fine except my best friend. :-(

I'm hoping she is fine and her power is returned soon!

steffj89 said...

we are still hunkered down with friends and hoping to have power back by valentines day