Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ramblings of a semi-comatose mind

my thoughts do not appear to be coherent today--even when trapped within my skull. My employer laid off one of my coworkers yesterday. Now, I am worried about her and her family, running around trying to keep up with part of her job and my job, trying to calm my husband's fears (still no job), get Kyler back in "school mode," begin basketball practice, and just survive.

Here goes:

My husband just might be trailer trash now. He, um, we bought a 30 foot travel trailer he will be staying in when he is away working. It will save him money and put him closer to his welder daily. Yippee. It really is a good thing.

Kev took Kady with him today to run errands. He says she will be potty trained today. He refuses to change diapers. Stop laughing. He might hear you!

Kev took Kady's pacifier away. She cried once or twice and then she was fine with it. Now, she talks to herself until she falls asleep. . .

Basketball practice starts tonight for Kyler. I am SO excited. I hope he tries really hard this year and has fun. We have had much better experience with the Upwards program than the local baseball program. Then again, the problem was with the coach's wife. . .

February 13th is THE day I get to see

anyone else a fan?


Elizabeth said...

First of all, I love the title of this post. I am feeling the same way today!

Also, trailer trash comes in many shapes and sizes. You all do not count, despite the trailer. It's for work, right?

The movie looks like one I need to see, if I ever make it to the theater again. I haven't been in many, many months:(

Elizabeth said...

Ok, just watched the trailer. Looks hilarious, and so not the kind of movie I usually see. I love it. I want to see "Bride Wars" too!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Nah, you're not trailer trash. That actually sounds like a great solution and money-saver.

And wow... If you can get Kev to do all the tough parenting stuff, then you can sit around and eat bonbons!

And how did that potty training work out? Who got trained? Kady, or Kev?

momof2 said...

Definently want to see the movie! Although if I am realistic in my thinking, I probably won't actually get to see it in the theater!!
On the flip side of things, I am so sorry to hear about your co-worker. Was she another SLP? These times are so scary for everyone, but I just have to pray that it will all get better in due time. And it WILL! Thanks for the giftcard...finally checked my mail for the first time in about a week the other day and it was buried in a stack of bills. It was a welcome site mixed in with all the bills!!! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Just found you courtesy of "We are THAT family." My daughter will be 11 on February 13. Guess what movie we're going to see???

Lori said...

Read all of the books. Does that qualify? Cute blog. Have a great day! Write On!