Monday, January 12, 2009

I told you so

What I wanted to tell the vampires from the insurance company who were here to get my blood today:

I am not a nurse.

I will never be a nurse.

Therefore, I promise to never attempt to draw blood.

I also know nothing about drawing someone else's blood.

However, I might know a little more about MY blood.

And my veins.

When I tell you that you have to use my hand or that my veins "roll" (whatever that means), listen to me.

I did not spend Saturday night thinking of ways to steal your job or make it harder.

I promise!!

I am, however, deathly afraid of what you're doing to me, so please, do it with the most information in the least invasive and least painful way possible.

That is all. Carry on now. (I told you that you would have to use my hand.)

And if you're here from We are THAT family, WELCOME! I am so glad you're here, and I hope you'll stick around awhile!


Debbie said...

I have a post started about the evils of insurance companies. Something tells me you will agree:)

Jenn said...

Why is the insurance company demanding your blood?

Jessica said...


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I am so with you. I have severe needle phobia, mostly because of clumsy technicians.

"I did not spend Saturday night thinking of ways to steal your job or make it harder."

That's great! Why do people get so defensive?

steffj89 said...

LOL i am sorry Rachel. I completely get it. I have had more trouble with the "vampires" @ the dr office who will not listen when i say my blood is difficult and olease dont blow out my veins...

after the diabetes test it took 4 weeks for all the bruising to go away...