Friday, October 31, 2008

Making My Vote Count

Ok, I took a little break. Sorry for not warning you guys and leaving you on the edge of your seats. You didn't notice? Oh, that's ok.

Anyway, in this important election time, it is so important to vote. The future of our country depends on YOU! It is so easy to say it doesn't matter, that your vote doesn't count, that you can't make a difference. . .NOT TRUE, people! Voting is our privilege and responsibility. Get yourself educated on the candidates and VOTE!

Remember, regardless of who you vote for, it is very important to make your voice known! That said, I'm going to reverse an earlier decision to not share who I'm voting for. . .I'm really torn between voting for

Warren Sappand

Julianne Hough (of course she's out due to an appendectomy, so I'm not sure that she's up to the rigorous role at this point. . .)

Thoughts, anyone?

OH, you thought I meant the presidential race. No. My vote doesn't actually count for that one. . .the media told me so. Have a great Halloween! Stay safe and eat lots of chocolate!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, I agree with everything you said in this Post. And I will tell you that I am voting for Obama/Biden and I have been volunteering for them for months now!
Like you said just VOTE!!!!!