Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good Times

My father is a character. That's the nice way of saying he's going to do things his way. He does not change his mind once it's made up. He does not like change. He is stubborn. He is not demonstrative with his affections. He is loud and does not hear well. He is also loyal. He is funny. He loves his family and would do anything for them. He wants what's best for us. He is strong in his convictions and believes in staying active and working hard.

So, where's she going with this, you ask youself. Well, you know me. I've got to get a funny in. (And you know it's a good one if it involves my family. . .)

Once upon a time, several years ago, my dad killed a snake on his farm. We live in a very rural farming area, and snakes are not looked upon favorably. My dad stretched this dead snake out across the road. He set his lawn chair to the side of the house. (I'm sure he also had a beer to sip as he watched what was about to occur.) He then proceeded to watch as car after car would slam on their brakes and swerve to hit the snake. (There were some who stopped in the road, backed up, and ran over the snake again. . .just to make sure they got it.) That is my dad's idea of good entertainment. He has been known to find a snakeskin and stretch it across the back porch to scare my mom to death. That's my dad. (And maybe some of your answers as to why I am the way I am. . .)


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Wow. I totally relate to your dad. (Okay, minus the beer.)

I guess that makes me a "character" too? I'll hang that hat next to my "redneck" one. :)

Seriously - funny story.

Jenn said...

My husband does stuff like that. I drove home about two months ago and saw a snake in the gravel road right before the driveway, and my husband was sitting on the porch. I got out of the truck and hollered "I bet you think you're funny, huh?" I went and got my camera to take a picture of what I thought was a dead black snake, the kind that eats the bad snakes. Jack had no idea what I was talking about and followed me out to the road where I intended to show I wasn't afraid of a dead snake and I was going to talk about his joke on my blog. Turns out it was a water moccasin, and very much alive, who happened to be crossing the road. FREAKED ME OUT!!! I hate snakes! Jack killed it, and then pulled all the bushes out in the driveway that it had crawled out of just to satisfy my fears.

If my husband stretched a snakeskin out for me to find we would be divorced... lol. Your mom has a lot more fortitude than I do!

Anonymous said...

three years ago right after we moved to the country my mom was diagnosed with a MILD heart condition(mild is key here). She was visiting us because my dad was out of state and she was lonely. We had to drive to town to get some parts for C's truck and She was riding with us in the back seat of our blazer. He swerved to hit a snake, and then backed up and ran over it again...all the while CROWING about it and teasing that if he hadnt killed it it would get in the car with mom bless her heart starts fanning herself and tells C..." you do know I have a heart condition don't you" to which he replied with every ounce of sarcasm(which sailed over her head btw) he could..."yeah B and your going to ride that horse till its dead arent you."

We havent heard anything more about her heart condition in 3 years now....LOL