Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, Kyler-bear

One of these days, he will get me back for that title. Say goodbye to my "good" nursing home days--he'll chain me in the basement of a third-rate home for that one. . .The following views expressed do not necessarily represent the author's point of view.

Well, this weekend was a big deal for Kyler. He announced that he will be voting for Sara Palin.

"Oh," I asked. "Are you having an election at school? Do you guys get to vote in your class?"

"No, Mom, not at school! When I vote. I'm voting for that woman, not the other ones."

"Babe, you have to be 18 to vote."

"Oh. I didn't know that."

Then, this mother-of-the-year waited to clean out the backpack this morning. Inside I found a school paper that asked what the child wanted to be when he/she grew up. My son, the aspiring paleontologist/artist, responded "I wont (want) to be a HC Bunt waker (worker)."

"Kyler, I didn't know you wanted to work at HC Bunt."(HC Bunt is the alias of the trucking company Daddy used to work for.)

"I don't."

"But that's what you put on your paper."

"It's all I could think of."

"What about paleontologist or artist?"

"I can't spell those."

Oh. Let's hope his spelling improves before he has to pick a major in college. . .

(And in a totally unrelated note, Kyler went hunting with his dad this weekend. He got his first deer. He is so proud. . . as is Kevin. . .what redneck daddy wouldn't be?)


Jenn said...

Congrats to Kyler on his first deer! Kyle can't wait to get to go hunting with Jack. The other boys have no patience for it.

Yes, we definately have to meet IRL, esp if you end upmoving! I think I saw you today. Are you wearing red scrubs, and did you go to Walmart? I was too far away to say hi, and we were heading out of the parking lot.

I have 1,000 pictures to edit, but as soon as I do I will send you one of the ones I took of the kids with your mom last Wednesday.


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

ok, you are my official stalker : ) Yes, I went to walmart and unfortunately, I am usually wearing red scrubs. . . We have to meet IRL, so I know you when we see each other. . .: )

CC said...

His first deer! Wow!! My friend went deer hunting recently for a whole week with nothing but sleep and relaxation to show for it...

Elizabeth said...

I'd vote for Sarah Palin if I could!

Erica said...

The Redneck Daddy comment CRACKED me up!!!!!!