Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dear Husband

Oh, y'all. (For proper "y'all" usage, read this post.) My husband, bless his heart, is skating on rather thin ice. He came home this weekend, and he managed to leave his shaving kit at our house. Ok, no biggie, right? Just get it next weekend. You see, he left his social security card (that he needs to start a new job this week) in his shaving kit. . .because that's where everyone keeps it. . . so I drove three hours to take the man his shaving kit. Since I didn't get down there until after 9:00 last night, I spent the night and drove 3 hours this morning to work. I'm tired of driving (Notice the extreme understatement? Could you FEEL the sarcasm?).

Some observations from my "trip":

  1. Nascar drivers are able to drive so long without bathroom breaks because, if you stop, those SLOW people get in front of you again! Trust me, a gal can go a long way without a bathroom break, if she's trying to make good time!
  2. Early morning is the best time to travel in Arkansas in order to make good time. Everyone is hurrying to work, so you can cruise right along with the crowd without worrying about those pesky policemen.
  3. Husbands are notoriously nice when you drive 6 hours for them. They feel guilt. We, as women, should not take advantage of this guilt, and oh, I don't know, ask for things of large value. [wink, wink]
  4. It is significantly quieter (even with the radio blaring) in a car with no children.
  5. SIGNIFICANTLY quieter
  6. I could hear myself think.
  7. I enjoy road trips, especially solo ones.
  8. Unless I have to drive 6 hours to take my husband his shaving kit!
  9. A shaving kit is no place for a social security card!
  10. Fall in the Ozarks is beautiful--absolutely, breath-takingly, awe-inspiringly beautiful!

This left me with only one question: Does he keep his birth certificate in his suitcase?


Erica said...

Girl, you've been around the world and back in the last 24 hrs! I'm glad you got to have a few minutes to yourself though. Thanks for the comment about the laundry... I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hates it! When I lived in BV, my mom would sometimes come over and fold for me. Or take a bag of dirty home with her and bring it back clean. Oh, how I miss that! :-)
Hope you have a great day! You must be exhausted already!

okierivermama said...

now i am thinking ...A. you must be pretty close to me to drive 3 hours in AR ozarks
B, your DH sounds related to mine...while he was still trucking he left his shave kit @ my grandmas and my mom met him in OKC and bought all replacement stuff so he didnt have to worry about it.
I also twice had to pay to have his dress boots shipped home from hotels in WI where he left them after an overnight stay, and the really bad one was that he and another guy somehow switched carry on baggage on a plane and we both overnighted the correct ones to the correct place to the tune of 240$ each
Now in our house the shave kit is no place for the SS card because then we cannot blame ME if it becomes lost.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I will look forward to chatting with you more.

What kind of work does your DH do? C works on the pipeline now.
Praying his hand is healing better and doesnt require surgery.

CC said...
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CC said...

Sorry, trying again.

You are WAY too nice! And your husband had better pay you back BIG time!!

Who did you get to watch the kids for 6+ hours??

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

luckily my mom was able to watch the kiddos. (I don't know what I would do without her.) Hubby is now pipelining.