Friday, August 1, 2008

what next?

Short story: I had a flat last night, and I changed it. Slightly longer and more accurate story: I had a flat last night and my brother lended support via phone while I changed the flat.

Ever had one of those weeks? You know, it's not the big stuff that gets me. I have had one of those weeks where every little thing that could go wrong did. . .I'm trying very hard to be positive, and truly, when I step back and consider, it could be so much worse. This week I could say. . .
thank you to the tire shop for the loaner tire (has anyone ever heard of a loaner tire?)
thank you that I have money to get new tires (They'll be in Monday)
thank you to the electric company for their swift and pleasant service (despite incompetency in the office. . .)
thank you to all the friends who've brightened my week
thank you to all the family who've also brightened my week.
thank you to my husband for being so take-charge
thank you to my brother for being so helpful over the phone (and offering to drive over and help me)
thank you that my car runs (even if it has nothing to run on. . .)
thank you to my kids for being so patient when mommy is so cranky and busy
thank you to kelly for reading this ; )
thank you to friends who ask, "How are you?" and mean it
thank you to paula for helping me see that things could be worse
thank you to mom for being so quiet when I ranted and yelled FOREVER one night.
thank you God for not giving me more than You and I can handle. . .

Oh, and thank you God that there are people who change tires for a living and I'm NOT one of them!!!


Erica said...

Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! You are a really good writer. Always entertaining!!