Thursday, July 31, 2008

chocolate. . .not just for adults

Howdy, all. Well, we have a new word at our house, and the knee-high kiddo is using it repeatedly. Since Kady's mama is a chocoholic (SURPRISE--I know many of you are just now learning this. . .), we have lots of chocolate in the house. I've been pretty sparing thus far in feeding it to her--gotta save it for ME! : ) Anyway, blame the summer, rough week, whatever. . .Kady is now convinced this sweet, brown, taste of heaven is wonderful and should accompany EVERYTHING!!

We walked in last night, and she headed to the fridge. She began to pull on the door and say, "choc, choc, want choc." (She had chocolate milk the night before.) Then, I made the mistake of eating chocolate ice cream for dessert. (Blame the shoulder-high kiddo! He can read and has learned to spot chocolate from 100 yards--smart kid, that one!) Sssssssooooooooo, Kady is now saying, "ice choc, ice choc, mommy, want ice choc, ice choc, mommy!!!" Well, maybe I can move part of the stash to work. . .