Friday, August 15, 2008

Denial. . .Fun for the Whole Family

My father's family is arguably more functional and mentally stable than my mother's family. (Not always a hard race to win, trust me!!) I tell you this to tell you that I long ago figured out the "how" (not the "why," if you'll notice). D-E-N-I-A-L. A person can function through anything using this technique. Here's my little secret: I use this technique at almost every funeral I go to. I watched an aunt perfect this, and it works well. You do eventually have to come to terms with the circumstances, but it helps to function within the social setting of a funeral. (I've lost some of you. You think I've just given up what sanity you had given me credit for. I beg to differ. I think this bodes well for my chances of being sane. . .I am using the denial to cope and am aware of the strategy. . .That's my story, anyway!)

I have discovered that the rest of my family uses this technique as well. Again, I am hoping this indicates good mental health for my children. Kyler is colorblind. Don't tell! He refuses to accept this and gets MAD when someone suggests he might be colorblind. I keep thinking we'll have some type of breakdown similar to the scene in Little Miss Sunshine when he finally comes to the realization that, Yes, he is colorblind. . .Stay tuned.

Kady, who is not potty-trained, is the most-interested kid in being potty-trained. I've been saying that I think she is ready for the last 6 months. I don't want to rush her, however (she is my baby, after all!). Anyway, she will go sit on the potty. She will tell you she needs to go and then refuse to sit on the potty. She will not tell you she needs to go but will bring you a diaper. If you ask her the logical question to any of these, you will get complete denial. Sample dialogue:
"Kady, did you poopoo?"
"Are you sure? I think you poopooed"
"No, Mama, no" [giggle]

Do you feel my pain? Oh, well, I'm sure she'll be potty-trained well before kindergarten. . .(Did you feel the denial?)