Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A (Soon-to-be) Goodbye to the Baba

Ah, Baba, you have served us well. We appreciate you years (!) of diligent service. We value your soothing presence, the way you have lulled Kady to sleep since early on. We appreciate your calm and quiet presence--hard to scream when you're in place! We appreciate your loyalty. We even appreciate the way you find the dark spot under the bed where no one can see you (especially at 3 am). . .Now, it is time to say goodbye. Kady will no longer be in need of your presence or your service. We shall forever be in your debt. Thank you, dear Baba, for all the ways you've helped our life.

The Kendrick's


Amy said...

doesn't it feel good to almost be rid of it? i dreaded that day for oh so long and honestly, i made it out to be so much worse than it really was. keep us posted!