Friday, August 15, 2008

Mommies Need Friends, Too

Blah. Irritated at Kevin. That's how I was feeling at lunchtime today. I had already talked to a friend and mentioned lunch the day before. Today, I was trying to get out of it. No one wants to eat lunch with someone. . .um. . .unpleasant. She-who-shall-remain-nameless-on-here-because-she-didn't-tell-me-I-could-publish-her-name-for-everyone-to-see (let's call her sheila) would not let me back out. She made me go to lunch with her. I am so glad. I seriously needed that. Too often, as mothers, we don't make time for our friendships. We have time for school, church, baseball, basketball, and laundry (seriously? Folks, we have time for LAUNDRY and not each other?). Why don't we make time for our big-girl friendships?

I remember my mother having very few friendships as I was growing up. I understand. Most of the time, I don't make the time for my friends either. I do think it is easier today to keep in touch with friends with our technology. I am so glad I can drop a text message to so many of you or send an email or call you on my cell (or as Kyler insists on calling it--a "sell-o") phone. So, not to get all sentimental and emotional, but I THANK YOU to all who are my friends. Thanks for answering all those texts, emails, and calls when I needed y'all. Thanks for always being there. Let's really make time for each other. Not the passing, "hey, let's do lunch," but a real honest-to-goodness quality time together. Thoughts, comments, anyone?

Oh, and Sheila, thanks again!! I needed that!!!


Shannon said...

I seriously would love to see you sometime! I don't know when you are off. I hope we can work something out.