Monday, August 18, 2008

A Mother's Prayer of Thanks

Dear God,
You are amazing! Only You could use a nap and a long car ride to bring a mother and son closer together. It had been years since Kyler and I had so much time to talk--really, truly talk. Kyler, little boy that he is, is usually about as deep as his father, which is to say as deep as a typical Ozark mud hole in August. This not being your typical August, yesterday was amazing.

We went to see Kevin this weekend and had a lot of fun. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to be back for the start of school. Kady immediately fell asleep when we started back. I put in the new Third Day CD--just got it Saturday! Kyler opened his mouth and out spurted the most amazing things. So often we dismiss what kids are thinking/feeling/doing, etc. Let me tell you, as adults, we are (or at least I am) giving these kids too little credit.

Kyler announced that he thinks God is urging him to be a paleontologist and minister when he grows up. Now, he's not yet eight, so there's not much telling what he'll end up doing, but I can feel God doing great things with him. (I can tell you that this would be employing the gifts God gave him. . .) God has done so much with and for our family so far.

It was truly amazing to hear the words of wisdom and insightful thinking flow from his mouth. I so wanted to keep the conversation going, but I could hardly say anything: I was thanking God for giving us this opportunity. Kyler just kept talking. We talked about how hard it is to have faith sometimes. We talked about how easy it would be for God to make us "robots" or to show us that He is real so everyone would believe. We talked about faith--how we need faith, how He does show us He's here for us, and He is here for us, if we only look. We talked about the devil and people who do bad things. We talked about loved ones we've lost because of bad things. We talked about the devil's power and God's BIGGER power. We talked about what hell is like. It was profound and moving.

God showed me my son. He showed me my faith. He showed me Kyler's faith. Kyler has always been a philosopher. He would ask these huge questions and just listened as you stumbled over an answer. You knew he was listening, because days later, he would come up with some obscure comment regarding the topic. (He once told me he wanted to save $10.00, so he would have enough money to give to God when he got to heaven. . .missed that one big time, huh?) But yesterday. . .yesterday, we had a conversation--thanks to a God who can move mountains and create floods in August.

Thank you, God, for all you do for us.