Monday, August 18, 2008

My Guys are Dorks. . .Your laugh for the day

My husband just bought a new pickup-yea, us, a new payment. . .Anyway, he has officially joined the "I have a CD player in my car" Era (about time, huh?). (The Jeep has a tape player.) Ssssssooooo, Kevin did what every male does. . .he went to Best Buy. He bought CD's. Are you ready? He bought 1) Guns N Roses 2) Nirvana 3) Hank Williams, Jr. Don't you know the 12 year old who checked him out thought, "OLD GUY! OLD GUY!!"

Now comes the part where I tell you what my son said. Kyler said, "I bet they named them Guns N Roses because they're for guys. Guys like guns and guys like girls and girls like roses."

Total dorks, right? Now, I just wasted your time by posting this, so that makes us a family of dorks. Do you think there's hope for Kady?


Shannon said...

So funny! He needs to come and borrow Roy's cds. I still think he's stuck in the 80's. He still loves Van Halen.