Monday, August 4, 2008

and how was your weekend?

Hello, all. (A very special hello to R.F. and J.F.!) I am proud to announce that I have new tires!! Yea!! Hopefully, this means no flat tires (although I hate to think what this means for Worley's Tire. . .). So much for the weekend. . .I had a stomach bug all weekend. This means that my weekend without the kids (otherwise known as "I-can-tackle-anything-weekend" turned into "Maybe-I'll-just-sleep-in-the-bathroom" weekend). (Sorry--too much info, huh?) Anyway, I think my kids both had fun. Kady had her first camping experience (in a camper, so it SSSOOO doesn't count, right? : ). Kyler got to go to a real Native American Pow Wow. I can't wait to see his pics. He had so much fun! It has been so much fun to get to know new people through this "blogging thingy." Thanks so much to all those who share so much with the rest of us through their blog, and thanks to you lone souls who take the time to read this blog. : )


Shannon said...

I hate stomach bugs! After getting back from vacation, we had to go to Fort Smith. I'm just now recovering from everything. :)