Monday, March 2, 2009

what have I gotten myself into now?

Apparently, it's not safe for this adult to drive three hours in a car with two young children without another adult present. It had been a long week. A reeaaalllyyy long week. We were late heading out. I spent three hours in the car. The kids were tired and fussy. (You know this is going to be bad, don't you?)

My boss and I had discussed the local "boot camp" class that was beginning soon. We weren't going to be attending, but we had discussed it. Somewhere along mile 80 or 90, I decided that I really needed to lose the weight. Folks, we're talking a lot of weight. Somewhere along the Highway of Delusion, I decided what I really needed was a goal--a fun, difficult goal that I would be proud of. . .so I decided to enter a 5k in June. (I warned you.)

Afraid that I would want to back out tomorrow (proof that there was some rational thought. . .), I called my boss. She said it would be great, but she would be at Disney World that week in June. (I know--likely story. . .) I called my teacher friend. She told me I was delusional and nuts. She said she might attempt the one mile run. . .but she would have to think about it. I then called my 6 foot tall, 80 pound sister-in-law, who used to routinely run those things. SHE'S PUMPED. She can't wait to begin "our" training. It seems she's not really been training since having the baby. . .She knows I can do this. (Proof that she's delusional as well.)

Kevin, to his credit, did not laugh. He said he thought I could do it, if I really work hard. That was the really nice way of saying, "ain't no way. . ."

I called all those people back on Saturday and told them about the insane dream I had. . .They weren't buying it. It looks like I'll be attempting suicide by exercise in the next few weeks. On the positive side, it should make for humorous reading. . .even if it is short-lived.


Debbie said...

I bet you will surprise yourself yet:)

Elizabeth said...

You are a brave woman, and you can do it!

Jenn said...

Have fun training!!! Want me to come take pictures for ya?

I think you'll do great!

steffj89 said...

Rach...i cant do one in june, but thinking about signing up for the breast cancer one in FAY in April...have done it 4 times...not super fast, but can do it...might be interesting this year cause I am pretty sure I would have to do it with the kids in tow....
might just do the 1 mile fun walk then?

Jonny's Mommy said...

Good luck. It is a hard journey that I am on too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!