Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can't talk about it

I was 9 months pregnant when Kyler started school, and I felt every bit of 9 months! My fear was that I would go into labor that day and miss getting to see him and talk to him. Instead, I waited a couple more weeks before I had Kady.

That first day was hard. I'm not usually a highly emotional person. Seriously. However, if your baby starts kindergarten when you're 9 months pregnant, I suggest taking tissues. Kevin was very understanding (although he kept laughing at me. . .), and some random teacher gave me a hug in the hallway. (Seriously. Never saw her before.)

Kevin took me to have breakfast, where we proceed to talk about how fast it's went thus far. Then, the talk turned to "and before you know it, he'll be driving." I boohooed. I broke down and bawled. Something about my baby in a car, driving scares me to death. I don't know if it's the lack of control parents have at that point, the fear of something happening to him, or the idea that he would actually be old enough to maneuver a vehicle on his own, but the idea still sends me to tears. Whatever you do, do not mention Kyler driving.

This weekend, we let Kyler steer (or "drive" to him) up the driveway. Kevin (because he's so loving and sweet like that) kept talking to Kyler about what will happen when Kyler's old enough to drive. They laughed while I cried. Kyler wants a dually pickup like his Papa's. Kevin said, "we'll see." I think Kady should get a Jeep, because I loved my Jeep. Kevin says no. Apparently, boys like girls with Jeeps, and we can't have that. . .My husband is as weird as I am. . .but at least I found something to torment him with. If he brings up you-know-who d r i v i n g (that was too hard to type!), I bring up Kady-bug getting a Jeep. All's fair, right?


Anonymous said...

You'll live through it but it's not easy! A friend once told me that just when you think you won't make it, suddenly they're off and gone and you did it. Your Dad was pretty patient when you were learning to drive but one time he came in and said, "I don't know if she'll ever do it or not. She's so herky, jerky when she drives!" I will never forget that part...but you did it! It goes so fast and you have to learn to turn loose of them and pray, pray, pray!! Love, Mom

Debbie said...

I have two driving and one learning. Yesterday I changed their diapers. I am confused:)

Lucrecia said...

Worse yet is having them hit that 16th birthday! OR having them out and about with kids you hardly know!!