Tuesday, March 24, 2009

observations and revelations from exercising: week 4

I have five steps going into my house. Five. I've wondered if I could fall up the first one and land in my house, but I've been to tired to try it.

Those candy bars, cheesecakes, ice cream sundaes, and assorted junk I ate to get his fat? The secret ingredient is glue. Four weeks and not a pound has left these thighs. It's enough to make you want a cheesecake.

Exercise gear is SO cute. . .if you don't need it!

Cost thus far: $140 for shoes (don't tell Kev!), $5.00 for pedometer, $20.00 for sports bras (the first one was too little, but I was too embarrassed to return it.)

Pay off thus far: slightly clearer skin. That's it. Sssooo worth it, right?


The Belfast Bunch said...

Better health is always worth it!

Are you getting enough calories and protein? If not your body will hold onto fat because it thinks your are starving.

And remember you are gaining muscle, which adds weight. I never go by weight but take my measurements instead. You can lose a lot of inches, gain muscle, and still have the same weight.

Julie said...

Hey, I'm with ya. Glue. That's right!

I got your Craft It Forward craft the other day and I really like them! Totally my colors! I've already used one to send a card to my hubby. Thanks so much!