Monday, March 9, 2009

rambling thoughts

Note to Self: Do NOT schedule a toddler for a full day's worth of doctor's appointments 2 hours away (4 hours round trip) immediately following the time change. . .I hope we live through tomorrow. Assuming we make it there on time, Kady will see the allergist in the morning and the ear, nose, and throat doctor for the afternoon.

Did I mention we are potty-training? Pray that we have a safe (and dry) trip and a productive visit with the doctors. Also, and more importantly, my dad has hurt his hip. Let's pray that he is ok and heals swiftly. I pray that Erica's son, Rhett, gets over the flu soon and no one else in her family gets it.

Does anyone else hate the time change as much as me? It doesn't matter whether we are springing or falling, it makes no sense that we change the time. . .It's a conspiracy against moms. I'm telling ya', the government is out to get us. . .and we're too tired to do anything about it!

I'll be back Wednesday for updates. Have a wonderful (and awake) Monday.


Jenn said...

We will keep you all in our prayers! Have a safe trip!

Debbie said...

My son had what I think was a migraine last night and I am blaming it 100% on the time change. So yes. I hate it.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oooh and I thought my week was bad. But here is something about the time change. When it gets warmer out you will have a longer period of light to have fun with your little one and that is good right?