Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wfmw: master list

Wow! Does anyone else feel the pressure with this whole "best tips" thing? No? OK, just me. . .again. Well, I couldn't choose just one, so I picked several for you to choose from. In case you missed it the first time, you can view:

  1. My easy, breezy butterfinger pie recipe is HERE. (It really is the easiest thing you've ever made!)
  2. My plan for cooking bacon is HERE. (Use the George Foreman grill.)
  3. My solution for mildew-smelling clothes is HERE. (We'll both pretend we don't actually need that one.)
  4. My Christmas ideas are HERE and HERE. (The first one is shopping/spouse get-a-way. The second is a breakfast dish for Christmas or any special morning.)
  5. My new tip this week is to use lemon drops (or anything sour really) to survive morning sickness. It really works. I used it with both of mine, and it worked as good as anything. (Not that I'll ever be using it again!)

OK, that's all I've got. Head on over to We are THAT Family to view more tips. Thanks for stopping by!!


Debbie said...

Sweettarts were my secret to morning sickness.

Suzanne said...

Ooh, I am so liking the George Foreman Grill for bacon!

momof2 said...

Hey I got my handmade cards today! I LOVED them! They are awesome! I was very impressed and very happy! Thank you so much!