Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm hitting a bloggy and real-life slump, so what's a girl to do but give something away?

Here's your assignment. (I am sssssoooooooooo good at this first-child thing!)

Tell me your new favorite go-to blog. What blog have you discovered in the last 3-6 months that you now have to read? It can be about anything. It should be in English. It can not contain rude, crude, or offensive language.

I'll use that random number generator thingy to pick a number (unless I can't figure out how, and in that case, I'll use my 2 year-old and have her pick a number out of a hat--please don't try to bribe the already-spoiled 2-year-old).

WHAT DO I WIN, you ask?

How about
(Winner will receive a 10.23 oz. bag of Ghirardelli chocolate squares. You can pick the flavor.)

Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, November 14th at 3 pm CST. Winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen.


Mary said...

If the winner happens to live in Ireland....will the chocolates be mailed to her? :-)

Blog that cracks me up the most:

Ok, so it's not really a blog but I read it everyday because it makes me giggle.

Amy said...

Me, me...pick me!

momof2 said...

Honestly, Rachel, I love reading YOUR blog!!! It's a great mix of humor and seriousness and you have a great writing style!

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

I love jenni's blog at She's very funny!


Mistress Meeyee said...

I read random blogs all the time but I get a kick out of my sisters blog the best.She is at Now entering Momville

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness....I love Giga-ding-dong-delli chocolate!

That's what I call it in front of my kids...they laugh their heads off.

I fell in love with the stuff in Chicago a few years back. I couldn't pronounce I made up that name and now my kids bust it when I see it and say it!

I'm addicted to several blogs....but I love to read...

Rachel Anne is a wise gal...with a quick wit and real life!

Anonymous said...

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The Abercrombie Fam said...

I may be too late, but if I'm not - I love!

Debbie said...

Oh shoot. I missed the deadline. I could send you a long list of great blogs. Just look on my blogroll.