Tuesday, November 4, 2008

His Generosity Overwhelms

What can I say, inspiration hit me when I was replying to someone else's post.

We bought a new couch when I got my first real job (We'd been married about 6 years at that point.). We had to: I REFUSED to move the couch we had to our new house. . .I literally said, "Kevin, don't you dare load this couch. We are not keeping it. I will sit on the floor first!" (And we had to for a few days. . .)We had bought our first couch (used--think serious beside-the-road garage sale find) when we first got married. At that time, we bought a coffee table, rocking chair, chair, ottoman, and the dreaded couch for, I think, $75.00. SCORE. It was hideous. (Think blue with pink flowers. . . and highly stained. . .by not only us. . .)

Anyway, I thought the chair would be the beginning of new things (read: furniture!) for us. . .After all, I was finally out of school. I had a decent paying job. I was wrong. Last year, we bought Kev's mom's bedroom suite, mattress, and even comforter/shams/window treatments (not sheets, thank you, Jesus!!). (Donna, if you're reading this, I still love my bedroom furniture, I promise!)

Now, that I've managed to alienate my mother-in-law, let me make my point. While we're no longer destitute, my husband remains CHEAP! : ) (I could bring up the going without an air conditioner at 9 months pregnant story, or the vacation horror stories, grocery shopping remains a battle, etc., but I think the furniture is as good a story as any. I just wish I had a picture of the couch, so you could see the awesomeness of the couch in it's full glory. . .)


Angela Fehr said...

Great minds and all that...I was just thinking about blogging about my own husband's cheapness - he thinks that everything should cost five bucks! Which is like three-fifty in American currency!
Our first couch was also a garage sale find - though not tooooo hideous. And we had it for ten years before we replaced it. And I've been paranoid every since that we will ruin it! The old one was literally indestructible.

Anonymous said...

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Fondly, Lori