Friday, October 16, 2009

the other woman in my husband's life

I realized today that my bloggy friends haven't met my husband's other love. This is his dog, Maddie. Maddie is an English Springer Spaniel and still a puppy. She lives with my hubs during the week and with all of us on the weekends. She is spoiled rotten and sometimes a pain in the neck, but she's really good for Kev. She gives my hubs somebody to come home to, somebody to play with, and most importantly sometimes, a way to distract him from what he's missing at home. I am sometimes jealous of my husband's four-legged gal (never thought I'd say that!), but I'm also really glad she's there for him. Please say hello to Maddie.


Berji's domain said...

she's a cutie!
oddly enough, our dog is supposed to be 1/2 springer spaniel but looks nothing like that (or any other springer spaniel that I've come across)

Wheelie said...

"She gives my hubs somebody to come home to, somebody to play with"

S'true. Here in Sheffield, England, it's said you should never separate a man and his dog. I don't have one myself, but I've been adopted by a neigbours, much to my lasses cats disdain :) The critter has even learned to open my front door, jump on my lap and cover me with dog spit...

A dog is a companion - it's a 'man and dog' thing.

I'd love my own dog, but I can't walk it, and that you have to do.

Debbie said...

Now even though my post today is about my less than adoration of dogs, she is a cutie!