Monday, October 5, 2009

like mother like son

My son can be a little blonde. I have no idea where he gets it. Then again, I once walked into a glass door, leaving lipstick prints on it. The glass door was in my small hometown at my mother's place of employment. Can we all say, "SMOOTH?!" I guess he comes by it naturally.

This weekend, we were attempting to turn into a bank parking lot. It was impossible. Apparently, you can't turn in if you're travelling west, but if you go up one block, double back, and travel to the east end of the parking lot, you can get there. Got that?

After finally pulling up to the ATM, I said, "I've never been so confused in my life."

To which my son replied, "Boy, I have."


Missy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm pretty sure the lipstick on the glass door was enough for me, but that your son can relate to your confusion is awesome. Genetics are the best.
Having given it some thought, I seriously wish I had done the lipstick thing just so I could tell the story.

Rachel said...

Ha! At least he's honest.