Wednesday, October 7, 2009

on my soapbox again

Apparently, David Letterman engaged in some inappropriate behavior with female coworkers. Now, he's apologized. Millions tuned in to hear his apology. Basically, he had the best ratings CBS has turned in for awhile. At what point do we stop rewarding bad boys for behaving like bad boys? At what point do men behaving badly face repercussions for their actions? Yes, he made a mistake, and we're all going to make mistakes. However, there just seems to be an air of laissez faire permeating our society these days. Of course, I suppose many generations could say this (the ages of speak easies and Woodstock come to mind).

Maybe I'm just a little introspective over the idea of turning the big. . .oh, never mind. My question to those of you around my age (child bearing/rearing age): Are we making a difference in the world? I'm an idealist who likes to "fix" everything. Things I should leave to God are things I end up trying to fix. We all know how that turns out. . .However, I think every generation tries to make the world a better place for their offspring. Are we doing that? Are we truly making a difference in the world around us? Two (go HERE and HERE for more info) of my favorite bloggers recently blogged about fairly small steps they've taken with their families to impact our world. What are you doing? Do you think we can ever "fix" the world? What are you teaching your children to care passionately about? Discuss amongst yourselves now. Go.


Missy said...

I realize that a lot of people might think it's small minded but I when it comes to my kids my main focus is teaching them that the only thing that is worth preserving is a belief in God. Not that I ignore other issues like conservation of natural resources or helping out mankind, but our main focus is Christ and everything else has it's place after that.
Does this answer your question?

Rachel said...

Great post! And very true.

I agree with Missy - if I teach Ali the whole Word of God (a bit lofty), then God will honor that wisdom in her and everything else will fall into place.

I've always been one of those who had that mindset that I can't change the world - I'm too small. I wish I had a bigger mindset...

Lots to think about!

Steff said...

Well I am teaching them that they are responsible for the trash that they create, and energy they use. Our house is semi green we use all energy saver light bulbs and recycle what we can. we burn the trash that we can here so it doesnt go to a landfill.
I also try to show them that we are to help care for our fellow man and volunteer when we can so that they can see it making a difference.


CC said...

What?! You didn't link to me??? What about my super power differences??? ;)

I don't watch Letterman, and certainly wouldn't tune in to see his apologies. Actually, it's driving me nuts that every single morning he's been on the morning news. Alright already. I'm tired of hearing more about his mess!

Sandy Toes said...

I don't feel an urge to CHANGE things..different or new. But, instill in my kids how this country began...the foundation of it's values of family, life and work.

All this "change" I see...scares me to death-what are we changing to?

As Far as David Letterman-it doesn't surprise me. It's just another reflection of our moral "chord" in this nation.

Sandy toe