Friday, October 23, 2009

just another day in our crazy lives

Kyler had his last football practice of the year last night. Then, we managed to eat (LOTS) at the local Mexican food establishment. As we left, I thought out loud about having forgotten to go to the bathroom. I was laughing as I said, "How can someone FORGET to go to the bathroom?" Kyler replied, "It's easy. I do it all the time!" And he does.

Kady's at her grandma's, eating Popsicles for breakfast on this chilly morning. She was adamant that she ALWAYS has Popsicles for breakfast. She doesn't. I promise.

I'm off to another busy day at work, and one more weekend of working. . .(3rd in a row) Have a great weekend!! Go Hogs go!!


CC said...

weekends working??? yuck!

My kids constantly FORGET to go to the bathroom. Then they have to go at the worst times!