Tuesday, September 15, 2009

we survived. . .and have the scars to prove it

I hate children's birthday parties. I love children. I love my children, and I would do anything to make them happy--most of the time. Therefore, last Sunday, we subjected ourselves to 2 birthdays celebrating 3 children turning one year older. The kids had a blast, and truthfully, I suppose you can't complain about another excuse to eat birthday cake! However, awkward conversation with distant family members, one too many sugar highs, and a run-ragged Sunday make me wish we were through with birthdays for awhile. (We're not. We still have three this month. . .I guess you know what people here do in January. . .) As we left the last party on Sunday, Kady was heard screaming, "I no wanna go home. I wanna stay with Sissy! She's my best friend!" I'm pretty sure they're birthday'ed out as well--whether they know it or not. How about you? Do you live for children's parties or are you the official wall flower, like moi?

Need I remind you that the Hogs are still undefeated?! It doesn't matter that they had a week off. It's the record that counts! : )


Missy said...

Love the reminder at the end of the post. Made me smile. I needed that. Seriously.

As for busy Januarys. I have 4 siblings, 1 neice, 1 nephew, my best friend's son and 1 grandmother all with birthdays this month.
Doesn't anyone build snowmen anymore?

Oh, and no not too excited about attending the parties, or the
1000's of dollars I'll have to spend on gifts. :)

Berji's domain said...

My daughter just went to a birthday party that was beautiful: birthday girl, her parents, us and our daughter, and one other couple with their sons (one son was only 5months old). So just three children and double the number of adults. And no gifts was specified. Awesome! Anything more would have driven me nuts.
I have 5 nieces and nephews born in the first 2 weeks of Oct.

Rachel said...

I always think I'm going to love them, and I leave completely exhausted...

Mary said...

I always have a hard time because I have to make sure Jarod doesn't eat anything with dye - really hard at parties!

I love seeing how excited the birthday girl/boy is though and I love throwing birthday parties!

Angela Fehr said...

Not a fan of children's birthday parties. We are attempting to keep it low-key with our three kiddos. I think that it's really the anticipation that the kids enjoy the most - the actual parties are usually too chaotic, too greedy, too sugar-high. So for birthdays we make a lot of stuff in preparation (decorations, invitations, games, favours) and try to give handmade whenever possible. Fortunately the birthday crush is pretty much over for us this year.

Wheelie said...

I can assure you, you'll find it easier when they get older. My 12 and 22 year old's cringe when their mum insist on a cake and candles,"Happy Birthday To You" and would rather be out... :)

It's "Ohhh, Mum!"