Thursday, September 3, 2009

scary times

I've been a little absent from this blog for awhile now. It's not intentional. I've said before that this is my therapy. This is my place to unwind, decompress, let it all out. Unfortunately, life is crazier than it has ever been. My office now has 4 people doing more work than when we were 9 people. Hmm, and they say productivity has improved in these tough economic times. How brilliant they are!

Anyway, I dreamed last night that I was laid off. I walked in one day and they were telling us to go home. The scary part is it happened to others this week. Thus, I think I should concentrate on work 24/7 just to be on the safe side (and don't even think about taking a look into my house right now!!).

My point: Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone sticking around to read my sporadic posts that have become increasingly disjointed and odd. I shall post whenever possible, but I understand if you decide to stop following/reading.


Anonymous said...

hugs!! i sent ya my # on FB i will keep following but would love to get together one of these days. we are out of the loop this weekend and C should be home sometime next week or so...will keep an eye out for you both places.

Rachel said...

Glad you're still around!! Hope things calm down soon...