Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, Gee, the Pressure. . .

Thanks, Steph. Steph is the author of the Red Clay Diaries Blog. She is a great author, and I enjoy reading her work. . .Unfortunately, she's tagged me in a meme. Um, I'm not even sure I know what that is, but she says it is like a "chain letter, but without threat of bad luck or bodily harm." (Which is unfortunate, because I was definitely going to threaten bodily harm for tagging me. . .No, seriously, I jest. I just don't like pressure. . .) I am to list the top 5 ways blogging has changed my life. (Forgive me if I copy someone else's answers. It wasn't intentional.)
1. New friends. I have met so many people. I am thankful for you all. It's so much fun to read what everyone is going through and what perspective you have on life.
2. My perspective. I find myself doing more than just chuckling at the kids' antics. Just this morning, Kyler said one of those cute kid things, and my first thought was "I gotta blog that!"
3. Family. I think, I hope the grandparents feel a little closer to the general going-ons in our family. I don't know about other family members.
4. More introspection. (Is that the right word? Is that a word?) I tend to avoid the "deep" thoughts about myself. I don't enjoy the "psycho-babble," because I figure in the end, who really knows why we do what we do. However, God's working on me. I don't know exactly what His plans are in my case, but I definitely feel growth in my relationship with him, and from that, relationships in general.
5. Ok, that's pretty much it. Since I have to come up with 5. . .how about. . .Works for me Wednesday! (Whew. . .I didn't think I could do it!) I've learned that I can use Borax to clean dishes. I've quit buying dryer sheets (use a washcloth and essential oil instead). I use old wipes containers to store plastic baggies. The list can go on (and on).

So, my 5 tags. . .
1. Amy at (Somebody please tell me how to hyperlink these names, like y'all do!)
2. Erica at
3. Jenn at
4. Shannon at
5. Elizabeth at (Sorry, I didn't have anyone else!!! Forgive me, please!)

Ok, get to . . .um, memeing(?) now, people! Or not. (Remember, NO threats of bodily harm allowed!) And to read Steph's answers, go here.


momof2 said...

That was so cute! BTW, I've been so busy I've been slacking on dropping by here everyday, but WOW, I LOVE your new blog look! It looks awesome!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I guess I should thank you for not threatening me. :) I think you handled the pressure just fine! And I love the honesty in your answers.

And thanks for the compliment: Author?! Don't I wish! Maybe that's God's next plan for me.... I can hope.

Amy said...

Thanks for the pressure...hehehehe!