Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

OK, to avoid whining about a horrible football game (Go, Hogs, go, but you've disappointed me. . .), I've decided to explain where I got the name of this blog.

It all started around 18 months or so. Kevin was burnt out working at, well, we'll call it KC Bunt (you know, the trucking line). It had been a rough year. Several very important people in our lives had died (some more tragically than others) within the last year or so, Kady was here, and changes were taking place at. . .well, you know. Kev was STRESSED and I think, a little depressed. However, things were good. Yes, you read that right. Kady was here. Kyler was amazing. We had 2 wonderful kids, a house of our own, great friends, and we had been pulled closer together through all the turmoil that we had faced.

I called Kev at work one night, like I always did. I knew he was stressed, and I was doing everything I could to cheer him up. He was doing everything he could to cheer up. When he answered the phone, I asked him how he was doing. He replied, in a fake cheery voice, "it's just another day in paradise." It struck me as funny. We both started laughing, and it felt good. While it felt like the world was falling in around us, despite all our blessings, Kev was trying so hard to be my sweet, honest hubby that I love so much. Since then, it's become our motto. Whether it's a sunny day or a rainy day in our lives, we know that God has blessed us with so much. There will always be difficulties. We know that. Sometimes those difficulties will knock the wind right out of you. God will be there, and we'll face them together, as a team.

How about you guys? Where did you get the name of your blog? Do you have mottos/code words you use to get through the tough times in your lives?


Amy said...

Great blog title came about because I survived a very scary tumor post pregnancy (6 weeks after D-Man was born). It was a bleeding tumor that they were afraid was cancer...thankfully it wasn't. I feel that I'm here, still living by faith in Christ by His grace...thus the blog title!