Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kiddos Update

Kady is sick. As my mom would say, "she has the crud." And with Kady. . .whatever she gets winds up in her lungs. Yesterday, I called the doctor and asked if he could get us a nebulizer for home use. He did and it's working. She still has a runny nose and a (looser) cough, but she's BREATHING again! I'm off in a few minutes to give her her next breathing treatment.

So, in a related note, here's your funny for the day. Her nebulizer mask looks like a dinosaur. Kyler loves dinosaurs. He asked me if I could give him a nose test. OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK, furiously my brain went through nasal resonance testing procedures. . .It's what I do, y'all. Nothing. Why would he ask that? Had we said something about testing a nose. . .Nnnnnnnnoooooooo. Then, it came to me. He wanted a breathing treatment. You know, nose test--breathing treatment. Why didn't I get that? : )


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

My Abby had to have breathing treatments a lot when she was little. She still has asthma, but at 5 she can now use the inhaler with a special attachment. Soooo much better than the mask in my opinion. :)

Nose test? I don't get it. Sorry. Feeling slow today.

just another day in paradise said...

Steph, didn't get the nose test, either. I guess he just saw her breathing it in and the "nose" part stuck instead of the breathing. As for the treatment versus test. . .who knows! Glad to hear your daughter is doing much better. I am so hoping this is not something we have to do forever. . .