Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Diet, Schmiet

Ok, the diet officially starts TODAY. I have ZERO willpower, so I am depending on everyone to harrass/encourage/belittle--whatever floats your boat, basically, so that I might lose weight. . .Do you like how I placed so much pressure on you? Nice, huh?

Anyway, we went to the county fair. (It was great. Kev got to go with us. It was a big improvement over past years.) At the rodeo (you know we went to the rodeo--it was a county fair!), I saw so many people I knew. That's when it dawned on me. There are two types of women: those who get fat out of high school and those that don't. I am tired of being in category #1. . .thus the diet.

Starting today, I am going to significantly limit my carbs. (Some of you may know that I lost quite a bit in grad school using the Atkins Diet.) This time, I'm going to try the South Beach Diet. Any tips, tricks from anyone? Again, I have no will power, so feel free to call at 3 am and scream "Fatty" into the phone!!


Mary said...

You could try my new diet....

Get so stressed out that your stomach curls up into a tiny little ball so there is no way any food can get down your throat.

Guaranteed to work or your money back!


Erica said...

Oh, girl. "Willpower" with food isn't in my vocabulary!Good Luck! I started working out the end of last week at a gym here. I love it. There's a day care I can leave Gracie in while I work out. I so hope I can keep it up! I wish you were here so we could work out together! :-)
And thanks for the scripture reference on my blog. LOVE THAT!!! and needed it! :-)